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How college students can become a full stack developer

It's that time of the year when campus placements are going on in full swing. It’s also the year end, and more and more people will be seriously cons

It’s that time of the year when campus placements are going on in full swing. It’s also the year end, and more and more people will be seriously considering a change in lifestyle and career path. And, this is the time when we Need to talk about this favourite topic of mine- Becoming a Full Stack Developer.

Who are these full stack developers?

The way people go on about this breed of web developers, you would think them superhuman..and a lot of students want to be full stack web developers, if they get into web development.

According to a sathyabama student Crampete is the best place to learn full stack web development course in chennai.

The full stack web developers have to be familiar and display in-depth knowledge of various frameworks and tools across the three-tiers of web development and many others in between. The developer is familiar with creating impressive UI for web apps while adept at scripting server-side coding for back-end operations. They should also know how to handle common stuff like authorization and authentication.

Apart from this, they should have knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases. Depending upon the requirement, they may be called upon to handle any of the tasks that falls under their skill profile.

The full stack web developers work in a team, just like the other developers. But the Oomph factor that sets them apart from the other web developers is their enviable and seemingly never ending list of skills, and their higher salaries of course.

To be a full stack developer, many say, is to be a jack of many technologies but the master of none. But that’s simply not true. To be a full stack developer means to be a jack of all technologies and a master of a few.

A question that is regularly asked by the students pursuing their degree and the freshers is whether they will have to handle the entire process of developing the application, right from designing to deploying and then maintaining them.

That’s a definite possibility, if you are the only web developer resource in the company where you are working. Otherwise, a team of full stack developers will be working on the whole process, each developer with a set of core skills at which they excel.

While students worry about the base pay package and the list of skills that they need to acquire to be a full stack developer, those who wish to enter into this field laterally via a job change have a different set of questions. Their questions revolve around the salary, the perks of being employed and more importantly, their experience.

What happens to the experience of the experienced candidate, when they change tracks from a different career and become a full stack developer?

When it is a matter of lateral entry, there are two types of experience. One is the total experience and the other is the relevant experience. Both have varying impacts on the salary of a full stack developer. The relevant experience has a higher impact on the salary. You will be given a salary that’s in accordance with the market standard for the years of experience in that industry.

This is then compounded by the total years of experience you have at having a job. This means that you may be compensated more, in addition to your relevant experience. But the salary impact of the total experience when relevant experience is less is comparatively lower.

What is the scope of a full stack developer in Chennai?

Chennai is an industrial hot zone and many strong industries have marked their presence here. Not just in the IT sector, but many other job market sectors have opened shops here. And, everyone of these industries, established or a startup must have an established internet presence. To do this means, there is a demand for full stack developers. Many of these companies have their development team based in Chennai. This means that there is a lot of demand and scope for full stack developers in Chennai.

Job search as a full stack developer in Chennai.

Across the job portals, there are hundreds and thousands of job vacancies for the post of full stack web developers in Chennai. The competition for these positions are heavy with many candidates looking for jobs as full stack developers in Chennai.

The developers with skills like PHP, MySQL, Mongo, AWS, React and Angular, MEAN stack and variants, Django are very much in demand in the Chennai area.

Students who have completed full stack web development course in chennai from Crampete has got job from Hexaware, Ford, NTT Data and TCS.

How to land a job as a full stack developer

  • Troll the job portals.
  • Look for the most popular skills.
  • Create a skill profile. This is the list of skills you need to learn in order to start looking for a job.
  • Join an institute and take a course on full stack web development. Consider taking up a full stack developer online course if you prefer.
  • Get certified as a full stack developer.
  • Practice and master your core skills. Take up projects and work on your portfolio.
  • Prepare your resume. Have multiple resumes for multiple job postings.
  • Apply for the job from the job portals where there is a maximum common skin between your profile and the job profile.

Studying Full stack Web Development in Chennai with Crampete.

Crampete Pte, an educational platform offers courses on Full Stack web development at its Chennai campus. This is an intensive and comprehensive course on full stack development aimed to provide job ready skills to students and working professionals looking for a job change.

Some of the popular skills that you will learn in the course:

HTML and CSS- The must learn skills and basics of web development. These are the basic building blocks in web development.

JS- The language that lays claim to be the only language necessary for full stack web development. This is one language that has robust and popular frameworks for front-end and back-end development.

Python- a very popular choice of programming language, it is a hot skill that is in great demand. It is well known for its simplicity, ease of coding and a great community presence.

MongoDB- The NoSQL database that is very easy to learn and use, it takes the cake by having a syntax that is very similar to JS and makes it easy to learn.

NodeJS- The first back-end framework developed with javascript. Its popularity and wide user base is next to none when it comes to back-en development.

ReactJS- This is the best JS framework that you need to build interactive user interfaces. It’s popularity has been steadily increasing and being one of the well maintained and updated frameworks, it will be around for ages to come.

Crampete classes on full stack development is conducted by industry experts who are also great at teaching. Our multifaceted and hands-on approach to learning skills will ensure that you will have practical experience working with the technologies. With project based learning, and periodic and modular assessment of skill levels, Crampete helps you learn and implement in practice and helps you code better. Crampete also pairs each student with a mentor for overall improvement in the learning process. The capstone project is a full fledged web app that you will build by yourself and present it to an expert panel for final assessment. Placement training and assistance is provided upon successful completion of the course.

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