8 best places for Wildlife tours in Karnataka

A great state to experience wildlife, Karnataka has more than 20 wildlife sanctuaries with some pretty rare species that attract tons of nature lovers

A great state to experience wildlife, Karnataka has more than 20 wildlife sanctuaries with some pretty rare species that attract tons of nature lovers. Ideally, you should visit all these locations but if you are in a pinch, here are 8 of the best places for Wildlife tours –

  1. Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park

This crucial part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Bandipur National Park is where you should go to spot a tiger. Spanning over 880 square kilometers, Bandipur houses 100 species of animals and 350 species of birds. You will definitely spot elephants, butterflies and tigers. You can also catch a glimpse of several aquatic animals in the Nugu river. Accessible from both Bangalore and Mysore this is the perfect place to spend the weekend.

  1. Bhadra Tiger Reserve

In the center of several mountains, Bhadra Tiger Reserve is situated in Chikmagalur and is the proud home of many animal species. You can spot eild dogs, boards, sloth bears, sambar, tiger, leopard and elephants. Take the jeep safari offered by the park to see the extensive flora and fauna. With 120 species of flora, this is a great place to come for a nature lover.

  1. Anshi National Park

Covering a wide area of 340 square kilometers, this national park is a part of Dandeli Sanctuary. Bordering Goa, Anshi is a great place to spot vivid flora and fauna. From pangolin and sloth bear to elephants and tigers, Anshi has it all. There are fixed bird and mammal trails that allow you to see 200 animal and bird species. The best time to come here is between November and June to make the most out of your trip.

  1. Bannerghatta National Park

Very popular, this national park is a mere 22 km from Bangalore. This man-made biological reserve has a zoo, butterfly park and zoological reserve. This reserve is home to lions, sloth bears, elephants, spotted deer and several birds. If you plan to go here, visit it between September and January.

  1. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Among the largest wildlife sanctuaries, Dandeli has both rich flora and fauna. Many of the endemic species of South India are present here. What sets it apart is the wildlife safaris, crocodile sighting trips, coracle boat rides and trekking. Make sure to visit between March and October.

  1. Kudremukh National Park

This natural beauty is ridden with steep cliffs, deep ravines and mountain chains. Located in Chikamagalur, it is home to several animals and birds. Make sure you go here to see the lion-tailed macaques and the 194 species of avifauna. Visit Kudremukh between October and May.

  1. Nagarhole National Park

A little over 80 km from Mysore, Nagarhole is a popular destination for wildlife tours. Home to tiger, leopards and elephants, Nagarhole also boasts of snakes, four-horned antelope, sloths and mouse-deer. You may also get to see the hunter-gatherer tribe Jenu Kuruba that still lives in the forest. The Kabini river resorts by Discovery Village make this place a must-visit. April-May and November-February is the ideal time to visit Nagarhole National Park.

  1. Kabini National Park

This paradise is a part of the Nagarhole National Park and hosts over 250 species of flora. Asiatic elephants often lounge around in the Kabini river or on the banks along with leopards, panthers, spotted deers. Many endangered animals call Kabini their home and you can catch a glimpse of them all if you opt to go for a Kabini safari. Book your stay in Discovery Village’s resorts in Kabini for some great packages and wildlife activities like birdwatching, night tours and camping. Visit Kabini between October and May.