10 Tips for Beginner Backpackers to Fully Enjoy a Trip

There are many varieties of backpackers who undertake different travel styles, but deep down they share very similar emotions and thoughts as well as

There are many varieties of backpackers who undertake different travel styles, but deep down they share very similar emotions and thoughts as well as control of their travels and their lives.

Traveling around the world as a backpacker allows you to take control of your travel pace and above all save while traveling. It is characteristic of a backpacker to have time and flexibility to do things like living with different people, camping outdoors, etc.

There are lonely backpackers who prefer to live the group experience. There are couples of backpackers, including artisans, musicians, climbers, photographers, journalists, scientists, athletes. Different activities lead many to become this type of independent traveler and return their self-sustaining trips. 

If you are planning your first trip we leave 10 tips for you to enjoy a trip as a backpacker.

  1. Determine Your Budget

Traveling can be from a luxury experience to a free walk through life. It depends on your choice and your creativity to generate resources and move around the world. According to the budget you have or as you plan to manage it, you must accommodate your trip or think about how you will generate more resources.

  1. Choose Your Destiny: The World Is Yours!

Research, get inspired, read backpacker travel articles and stories. There are expensive and cheap destinations, long and short routes, beaches or mountains, snow or sand. It all depends on what you want to live!

  1. Investigate

Although a good part of the backpacking experience should be spontaneity and freedom of movement, this does not mean that you do not investigate the destinations where you want to go. All destinations are full of tourist traps. You do not have to go to all the places that are famous for interesting, nor where they all go. Instead, prepare a list of the type of experiences you would like to live or the photos you would like to take and work on your itinerary.

  1. Search lodging

Maybe if you go backpacking for a short time (two months or less) having the itinerary somewhat defined will help you make the most of your time out. A good idea may be to book the first two or three destinations in advance, and then get carried away by the adventurous spirit.

You can stay at friends’ house, make exchanges, go to campsites or book cheap accommodations. The good thing about enjoying hospitality is meeting people and saving money.

  1. Assemble the Luggage

A good backpacker has to pack his suitcase thinking that he will have to carry the backpack on his back. Save yourself the space for the things that really matter.

Try to order what is really going to serve you and what is not, consider the amount of useless things that you carry or that can be achieved wherever you go. Also consider the climate of the place where you are going and the activities you are going to do. It is essential for every backpacker to carry a personal GPS tracker during travelling, to share real-time location even when there’s no cell service.

  1. Backpack, Footwear and Others

Travel products can become expensive due to the demanding conditions they require. Think that it is worth buying a good quality backpack since dozens of trips usually take place. The same goes for boots and trekking shoes for snow or rain and carrying camping firelighter to lit the bonfire. Choose the essential things first, don’t be filled with accessories that go beyond your budget

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  1. Save money

Once you are traveling, you realize that money flies. There are many ways to save money without having to sacrifice the main tourist attractions you’ve always dreamed of visiting. The main thing is to save on accommodation, transportation and food, look for offers!

  1. How to Eat

It would be great to always be able to eat in good restaurants, but it would cost you dearly, so we recommend you try the street food or buy at the supermarket and kitchens if you are renting something.

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  1. Talk to People

You can meet people of all kinds, from all over the world, who are living the same experience as you, or you can meet local people who can also give you advice, interacting with the local population can be incredibly useful as well as enriching.

  1. Enjoy the Destination to The Fullest

When you finally reach your destination try to enjoy it to the fullest. You will discover things that you would not know in any other way, such as urban art, beautiful shops and good coffee shops. Or maybe rent a bike and take a ride. Try to impregnate as much of each place as you can before you hang your backpack again and leave.