Successful and Important TIG Welder Welding Tips You Should Follow

Are you using TIG welder for the first time? Do you want to know some essential tricks for using it correctly and in a convenient manner! Scroll down

Are you using TIG welder for the first time? Do you want to know some essential tricks for using it correctly and in a convenient manner! Scroll down and check out the major rundown!

  • Ensure everything is ‘squeaky’ clean. TIG welding isn’t tolerant of any contaminants. Make sure to clean your base metal with a decent degreaser, as before you scour it with a devoted wire brush. Try not to utilize a similar brush on various types of metal. Wipe the filler bar down with degreaser, as well.


  • Get settled. At whatever point conceivable, you would like to be situated when you are welding. Indeed, even in circumstances where sitting is beyond the realm of imagination, any little acclimations to my position or body position that cause me progressively agreeable will to affect the weld noticeably.


  • Search for TIG welder approaches to help your hands. Having great help for your hands or arms is urgent for moving the light with precise control. You can do your best welding when the base of your hands or wrists is bolstered somehow or another. Frequently you can lay your wrists on the part being welded. You can keep an arrangement of wood and metal squares close to my welding seat, and often can improve support by situating a square to rest my light hand on.

There are events where you can relax my lower arms, or even my elbows, on something for help. Numerous welders set up different help bars, situated parallel to the joint being welded, and they slide their light hand along the bar to help pursue the joint with excellent control. For some out-of-position work, you would need to depend on resting just my shoulder on something, and keeping in mind that not perfect; it’s superior to having no help by any means. Notwithstanding setting my hip against something stationary can offer a touch of relief, yet you can’t weld very well when standing ‘free,’ with no help by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Complete a TIG welder training run. This may sound senseless; however, you’ll see that numerous expert welders do this before each pass. Get in the most agreeable position you can, with help obstructs set up if accommodating, and run your hands along the way they will navigate as you make the weld. You will frequently find that a slight change in your position will enable you to make a more extended pass or to move your hands with less pressure. Any strain in your location will negatively affect the weld. Additionally, you construct significant muscle memory when making your training run, which will help keep everything on track when you make the ‘genuine’ pass.  


  • Clean a sullied terminal right away! Each welder will pollute their anode sooner or later, yet it’s fundamental that you supplant a sullied cathode right away. People, for the most part, keep a gathering of pre-honed terminals directly on their welding seat so can swap them out without strolling their processor.