Women’s Guide: How to Use a Menstrual Cup

It’s that time of the month again, and it’s another roller coaster of emotions and bloody week ahead. Are you prepared? Well, we hope so. If not, then

It’s that time of the month again, and it’s another roller coaster of emotions and bloody week ahead. Are you prepared? Well, we hope so. If not, then this article will help you get prepared as to what is to come.

If you decided on using menstrual cups instead of all those good old sanitary pads and tampons but does not know how to put it in exactly, then you just stumbled in an article that will help you do so. Just new in using menstrual cups? Here’s a guide on how to insert a menstrual cup properly.

What is the Menstrual Cup?

Well, first and foremost, let’s learn as to what menstrual cups are. Technically speaking, menstrual cups are a bell-shaped cup made of healthcare-grade silicone or rubber, wherein it is inserted into the vagina to collect blood, instead of absorbing it.

Menstrual cups are used as an alternative to tampons and sanitary pads in which it is guaranteed that it is free of any chemicals, meaning you won’t have to worry about TSS or the Toxic Shock Syndrome. Additionally, a menstrual cup can be reusable which can be left in use for 12 hours, and it can last around 2-3 years with the right care.

Preparing to Use a Menstrual Cup

Firstly, you should know what menstrual cup fits you since just like any other things like shoes, it’s not one fits all. Menstrual cups come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and you might be overwhelmed at this, but it is actually easy to know what kind of menstrual cup you should have.

For example, people with a low cervix would need a shorter cup. On the other hand, women that are physically active such as athletes may require a more rigid cup to prevent leaking.

First Step: Cleaning and Disinfecting

Before using your menstrual cup, it is essential to clean and disinfect it first since it will be inserted inside your vagina. You only need to wash it with mild soap and warm water or sterilize your menstrual cup for five minutes, and that’s it. Remove the cup from the water and let it cool down before inserting it in.

Also, you should consider trimming your fingernails, since having long nails can be more difficult for you to insert the menstrual cup. Not to mention that it is unsanitary for you too.

Second Step: Folding

There are many ways to fold menstrual cups, and here are several ways to do it:

  •    C-Fold. Fold the top rim of the cup in half that looks like a tight C or U shape, then insert it in.
  •    Push-down Fold. Push one side of the rim down into the menstrual cup and then create a narrow point.

Inserting the Menstrual Cup

When inserting the menstrual cup, find a comfortable position. For example, try sitting on the toilet, squatting, or plainly standing. Then, hold the folded menstrual cup with one hand and use your free hand to locate your vaginal opening slowly. Next is to slowly insert the menstrual cup in the direction of your tailbone.

When you can no longer hold the cup in its folded position, let it pop open inside your vagina, then continue pushing it from the base of the cup. Gently push it deep enough, making the stem of the cup no longer protruding of your vaginal opening. After inserting, try to twist the menstrual cup to ensure that it is sealed and secured. To do this, you only need to grab the menstrual cup by the base and give it a full rotation.

Checking the Menstrual Cup

Not sure if your menstrual cup has opened completely? Then try inserting a finger inside your vagina up to the rim of your menstrual cup, then follow the rim around and ensure that the whole rim has opened up.

To know if your menstrual cup is correctly placed and has popped open, grasp the stem and gently pull it. If you feel any resistance or suction pressure, then the inserting of a menstrual cup is successfully done.


Deciding on things that are best for you is quite complicated and could be overwhelming. However, if you have the right knowledge to know which product caters your need best, then that would save you time and all the worry.

Menstruation is a part of a woman’s life, which is why it is necessary to know all the available options for you to choose. In this way, your monthly blood discharge will somehow be comfortable because of the right kind of menstruation hygiene utility you decided to have.