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Where to Legally Buy CBD Seeds Online

Until recently, growing cannabis in any form was illegal across all 50 United States. Thankfully, a combination of increased public awareness of CBD's

Until recently, growing cannabis in any form was illegal across all 50 United States. Thankfully, a combination of increased public awareness of CBD’s medical benefits combined with a friendlier governmental approach to regulating the plant has changed all that. Now, commercial farmers in many states can apply for permits to cultivate hemp, and an increasing number of hobby growers can purchase seeds and grow indoor CBD flowers.

The increased legalization of cannabis has come as a welcome change. It has also created a new challenge for potential growers: where to buy CBD seeds online legally. Future growers can read on to find out everything they need to know about this contentious topic.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Even before the legalization of CBD and, in some states, medical and recreational marijuana, buying cannabis seeds online was completely legal. They’re classified as an adult novelty product, not as agricultural goods. Of course, it’s not legal to germinate and plant cannabis seeds everywhere, but that’s changing fast and there’s no harm in ordering seeds now to get prepared even if growers live in less accepting states.

What Are the Best CBD Seeds to Buy Online?

Both hemp and marijuana plants produce CBD, but not all strains have equal amounts of this beneficial cannabinoid. Those who want to cultivate hemp plants should purchase regular seeds, while growers in states with legal medical marijuana may be better off purchasing feminized varieties. Anyone in a cold climate should consider autoflowers.

Feel like that’s a lot to take in? It’s best to do some research before choosing strains and seed types and placing an order. Growers who want to maximize CBD production can find helpful hints at i49 about how to choose the right strains to suit their needs.

Where Is It Legal to Grow CBD-Rich Marijuana Plants?

While CBD is legal just about everywhere in the United States, growing marijuana is not. Most of the CBD sold in stores comes from hemp plants instead. However, growers who live in states with legal pot are better off cultivating CBD-rich strains of medical marijuana. Here’s a list of states where it’s currently legal for either commercial growers or individuals to cultivate, harvest, and use marijuana for CBD production:

  •  Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Keep in mind that each state has different laws regarding home cultivation. In Washington, for example, it’s legal to buy and use weed sold at a recreational dispensary, but only state-licensed growers can cultivate it for any purpose. While Washington state is changing its tune on home growing, it’s safe to expect that some of the more conservative states will adopt a similar approach if they decide to legalize.

Why Buy From a Seed Bank At All?

Buying CBD seeds from a reputable seed bank like I49 is the only way to ensure genetic viability and good germination rates. It takes plant breeders years to stabilize the genetics of a new strain, and there’s no guarantee that a random seed pulled out of a bag of even high-quality, CBD-rich marijuana will be true to type. Since hobby growers can only cultivate a small number of plants at home, it makes far more sense to purchase seeds that will almost certainly grow into healthy plants that produce heavy, high-quality yields.

The Bottom Line

In North America, I49 seed bank is the best place to find CBD seeds online. They offer an incredibly wide variety of seeds and have a well-deserved reputation for excellence when it comes to product quality and customer satisfaction.