Tiger Jungles Invite Luxury Stay Near Jim Corbett

The majestic land of Jim Corbett awaits one and all, especially those who are keen on visiting wildlife reserves once in a while. So if you plan a lux

The majestic land of Jim Corbett awaits one and all, especially those who are keen on visiting wildlife reserves once in a while. So if you plan a luxurious stay in this enchanting land of Uttarakhand, you must camp yourself in a luxury hotel near Jim Corbett. This National Park is a hotspot amongst those who would like to experience the Himalayan jungles sometimes.

Jim Corbett National Park

There is no dearth of Tiger Reserves in India. The recent years have witnessed a lot of animal activists, volunteers and many kinds of people who are passionate for the wild – donate their precious time and energies towards the growing pool of our this magnificent animal, with the help of government efforts. Tigers, the national pride of India abound in the Jim Corbett National Park in the district of Nainital, in the state of Uttarakhand.

Once you have decided upon the dates with the wild cats inside this huge expanse of a jungle, you would not refrain to have some luxury for yourself while your stay near the wild reserve. So why not explore the best hotel in town to relax completely before venturing out to meet the tigers at the Corbett National Park.

Luxurious Abode

All travels honestly mean lots of tiredness. These are especially the times when you really look forward to total comfort. When you do find such a luxury, you must check out the luxury accommodations that will not come across as too heavy a cost, given the style and comfort provided.  When the facilities are at par with international standards of hospitality, the stay then becomes a dream come true. Normal modern-day requirements that keep you connected back with your family and friends – like a 24*7 Internet connection. Complimentary Wi-Fi is a boon for guests in this hotel.

Cuisine Comforts

Standard amenities, for rooms and bathrooms, along with other hospitality services and other facilities – are warmly done, just to provide you with that extra luxury. The vegetarian restaurant has a multi-cuisine system that serves all kinds of palettes. Vegetarian cuisine is a luxury and would keep you happy as long as you are craving for all vegetarian food. You can pamper yourself in your room if you do not wish to come towards the Kesariya Dining Hall. On the other hand, for those who have meaty tastes, Ibiza is a bar and multi-cuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant that also provides the glamour of a discotheque.  Let DJ music and wines and liqueurs fill you with a sense of abandon on the discotheque floor. You can always choose to be lounge around the dim-lit sofas and have a little chit chat in the music-filled environments.

Tranquil Delights

Thinking of luxury, rejuvenating therapies are the best times you are looking forward to, inside a luxury hotel. This is the real-time you want to spend with yourself. There is a wellness centre that would attract your attention. There is no dearth of signature massages, spas, saunas and steams that would keep your attention alive and kicking.