History and Utility of Adaptive Clothes and Shoes

Adaptive clothing is not an unknown concept. Today, this clothing concept is popular among different people. Mainly physically disabled people and sen

Adaptive clothing is not an unknown concept. Today, this clothing concept is popular among different people. Mainly physically disabled people and senior citizens can immensely be benefitted through the adapted clothes. Though the concept of adaptive clothing is not new, people do not know much about the history of such clothing concept. So, in this article, we shall discuss adapted clothes. The discussion shall be started from the history of such clothing. Then, we shall know how adaptive clothing industry has gone through the evolution phase. Finally, we shall discuss what could be the benefits of such clothing.

History of Adaptive Clothing

In the 1980s, the concept of adaptive clothing was rolled out in a formal way. Before that, adapted clothes were used, but not at the large scale. Normal clothes are stitched in different ways to create adapted clothes. In many cases, caregivers used to change the stitching to the clothes to make them comfortable for the old people or physically challenged people. This concept was there, but it was not commercialized. It became commercialized in the 1980s when various clothing manufacturing brands had emerged with adapted clothes.

Now, different brands are there, offering different sorts of adaptive clothes for different people. These clothes are mainly designed by keeping physically disabled people in mind. Additionally, the clothes are designed to keep the old adults or senior people in mind. Adaptive clothing is a concept that makes the process of dressing and undressing simplistic. You do not have to face issues if you are physically feeble or disable when wearing the clothes. Such persons can wear clothes for themselves. If not themselves, they can wear clothes easily with the help of caregivers.

Today, purchasing adaptive clothing items has become easier as well as convenient. A lot of clothing manufacturing brand has emerged to designs such clothing items. Additionally, smaller brands are there, offering low-cost dresses to the buyers. Many people do not have the affordability. For them, purchasing the products from the lesser known brands is always helpful. The best thing is that adaptive clothing items are now available in online stores. You can come across various online stores, where you shall get products at affordable cost. The best thing is that you can order online without any hassles. You can place the order online and get your products right at the scheduled delivery time.

Who Needs Adaptive Clothing?

As we all know, the concept of adaptive clothing has been emerged to serve the physically disabled persons. However, senior people have also been benefitted through such clothing. For common people, putting on a pant or shirt on the body is not a matter of hassle. But, when it comes to wearing shirts or pants for the senior people or physically disabled people, orthodox clothing creates a lot of discomfort for them. Not just discomfort at the time of wearing the clothes, people face trouble when they have to carry such clothes. The fitting of these clothes may be comfortable for normal people. But disabled people and old adults never feel comfortable whatsoever in such clothing. Not just clothing materials, there are specially designed adapted shoes. You can check Velcro shoes for seniors.

Basically, if we see the purpose of designing adaptive clothing, we shall find that three kinds of people will be benefitted through such clothing. These three kinds of users for adapted clothes are:

Physically Challenged People: The concept of adaptive clothing came for the physically disabled people. Thus, they are the biggest beneficiaries of such clothing concept. Wearing clothes was a big-time hassle for the physically challenged people until the concept of adaptive clothing emerged. Disabled persons have to depend a lot on the caregivers when it comes to dressing and undressing. If they can do all these things on their own, the overall confidence level and morale of such people would be enhanced. They will start feeling good, as they would become self-reliant with adapted clothes.

Senior Persons: With growing age, our body becomes stiff. Due to the lack of muscle flexibility and strength, we cannot wear conventional clothes properly. When wearing the clothes, there are chances of hurting yourself. This is why senior people need the support of adapted clothes. Such clothes will make them feel more comfortable. They could easily dress and undress with the help of the adapted clothes.

Injured People: If you are suffering from some sorts of injury on your hands or legs or other parts of your body, you need to opt for the adaptive clothing. Instead of conventional clothes, choosing adaptive clothes has a lot of benefits. It will help you to avoid discomfort in wearing clothes. It would not make your injury painful when you are getting dressed up or undressed.

Patients in Hospital: Many patients in hospital cannot move their body properly due to physical weakness. As they remain feeble, wearing the normal clothes could be a difficult affair for them. To make the experience of wearing clothes seamless, you need to go for the adapted clothes in such case. It will offer you excellent comfort.

Benefits of Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing assures many benefits. Some of those benefits are discussed or highlighted in the following section.

Easy Dressing and Undressing: Wear a dress or and then undressing it would not be a big hassle when adapted clothes are chosen. This is why such clothes are recommended for the physically challenged and old adults.

No Hurting: During dressing up, you may end up hurting yourself with orthodox clothes. But adaptive clothing minimizes such openings. It assures no hurting.

Comfort in Carrying Clothes: Not just dressing up, overall comfort can be achieved with the adaptive clothing.


At the bottom line, it has to be stated that adaptive clothing is an excellent option for the old adult and physically challenged people. Injured persons, who met fatal accidents, can also be benefitted with such clothing, as dressing as well as undressing would get a seamless experience.