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SYPWAI – “Solve Your Problem using AI” The company’s slogan speaks for itself. After all, artificial intelligence not only helps to solve many proble

SYPWAI – “Solve Your Problem using AI”

The company’s slogan speaks for itself. After all, artificial intelligence not only helps to solve many problems, but also allows people to make money. Therefore, the SYPWAI experts give everyone the opportunity to earn money by performing simple tasks.

The main idea of SYPWAI (sypwai.com) is that anyone can participate in the neural network training.

Neural networks: the evolution

Interest in machine learning has spiked over the past decade. Machine learning appears in computer science programs, industry conferences, and the Wall Street Journal almost every day. Essentially, machine learning uses algorithms to extract information from raw data and represent it as a model.

Neural networks are a type of a machine learning model. They have been around for at least 50 years. The basic unit of a neural network is a node that is partly based on a biological neuron of the mammalian brain. The connections between neurons are modeled based on the biological brain, and these connections develop over time.

In the mid-1980s and early 1990s, many important advances were made in the field of neural networks. However, the amount of time and data required for obtaining good results slowed down the implementation, and the interest subsided. In the early 2000s, computing power was growing very fast, and the industry had a “Cambrian explosion” of computational methods that had never been possible before. Deep learning emerged from the explosive growth of computing during that decade as a formidable contender in the field, winning many important machine learning competitions. As of 2017, the interest has not subsided. Today deep learning is an integral part of machine learning.

SYPWAI AI platform capabilities

SYPWAI not only makes a huge contribution to the world science, but also helps its users to receive monetary reward for their work.

SYPWAI will identify the platform user: you will need to upload all the necessary documents and data once, so that later everyone can have a hand in the development of a revolutionary artificial intelligence, train neural networks and instantly transfer them to partner services and use their services both inside SYPWAI and on the main service websites.

The platform’s simple interface allows its users to select AI features and automatically combine them together to function as a single app. The platform is developed based on open source technologies and can be combined with a variety of artificial intelligence tools available today providing easy access for developers and enterprises.