7 Days of Outfit Ideas: How to Style a T-Shirt Dress

Stylish clothing pieces are easy to pair and combine with other outfits or accessories to get unique looks. The fashionable cotton heritage t-shirts a

Stylish clothing pieces are easy to pair and combine with other outfits or accessories to get unique looks. The fashionable cotton heritage t-shirts are one such option of stylish outfits that is not just comfortable but works perfectly for both formal and informal purposes. 

Here, we are going to discuss the outfit ideas which can be materialized by using T-shirt dresses. Fashion-conscious men and women are well aware of the super comfortable nature and versatility of T-shirt dresses.

Let us take a detailed look at how this particular dress can be put to best use throughout the week when you want to use them for formal as well as informal purposes.

Style for Day-1:

Layering is one of the best and most comfortable ideas to choose. Simply wear a contrasting-coloured long sleeve shirt under the T-shirt and make your outfit vibrant. Similar colours may make the look a bit monotonous, so it’s best to go with contrasting colours to create an attractive look. You may worry about the type of neckline of the long sleeve shirt as the T-shirt will easily hide it. You can even go for a high-neck inner shirt when the climate is cold. This layering style is unisexual and both men and women can use this idea for comfortable and stylish looks.

Style for Day-2: 

If the climate is a bit cold, it will be wise to put on a warm layer of clothing over the T-shirt dress. Denim jackets are the classic styled outfits. Best shirts for men can be paired with simple solid coloured denim jackets for outstanding style. Women can go for designer denim jackets to get chic and designer looks.

Style for Day-3: 

Graphic tees for women are popular among the young generation. These T-shirts are super easy when creating a unique style is the purpose. Actually, the graphics are style statements in themselves, and to create more vibrant looks, adding a simple scarf or wrapping a flannel shirt around the waist will be enough. This style is suitable for both men and women. Creative people can use their creativity on plain shirts and get uniquely designed graphic tees.

Style for Day-4:

Simple solid coloured full sleeve T-shirt for women can create a gorgeous style statement for women when accompanied with appropriate accessories. An ornamental belt or a colourful scarf used as a belt can create wonder! However, this particular style idea is exclusively for women as T-shirt for men does not have this opportunity of being accessorized for style.

Style for Day-5:

A striped T-shirt is very easy to combine with any solid-coloured shirt and vice-versa. Simple T-shirt for men can be converted into an exclusively stylish outfit just by wearing a bright coloured striped shirt over the tee. The same applies to women as well as stripes suit both sex. You can even create various types of style looks and fashion just by shuffling between the colour of the striped shirt and the pattern of the stripes. 

Style for Day-6: 

T-shirt outfit can be most interesting if you know how to use it in various ways. Take for example; you plan to wear a T-shirt dress to the office and to get the formal look, you can simply layer it with a simple-looking pullover. Now, if you need to attend a party with friends after office, just add a brightly coloured scarf or cowl over the pullover – voila! Your party look is complete! The same theory of style idea applies to men. All they have to do is to add a fashionable jacket to get the party look.

Style for Day-7:

While talking about outfit ideas that can be created by using plain T-shirts, it will be foolish to overlook the interesting styles which can be created just with the accessories. Even the simplest-looking T-shirt can become the most attractive outfit when paired with proper accessories. Tucking in the sunglass into the neckline of the T-shirt or adding a tote bag can create completely unique styles for you.

We have just discussed a few style looks and fashion ideas which you can create with T-shirts. You can let your imagination fly and let others envy your style statements. More t-shirt styling ideas in this post at Project Repat

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