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The Best Pizzas In Bangalore & How To Find Them

Pizza is truly an emotion, and we are all connected to it. People from all age groups, socio-economic backgrounds, and genders are connected by t

Pizza is truly an emotion, and we are all connected to it. People from all age groups, socio-economic backgrounds, and genders are connected by their love for pizza. The people living in Bengaluru are no different in this matter. Finding a pizza you fall in love with can be an amazing experience, and we understand how difficult it can be. That is why we have come up with some ways to look for the best pizzas near me in Bangalore, along with some recommendations from our favourites. Read along as we go, and just a warning: you might feel super hungry by the end of this blog. 

How to find the best pizza near you in Bangalore? 

Finding the best pizza near you involves a combination of research, reviews, and personal preferences. Here are some steps you can take to locate the perfect pizza joint:

Online Search:

Start with a simple online search using the phrase “pizza near me” or “best pizza in Bangalore.” Search engines like Google will provide a list of the best pizzerias.

Review Websites and Apps:

Check popular review websites and apps such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Google Reviews. Look for highly-rated pizza places with positive customer feedback.

Social Media:

Use social media platforms to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or local community groups. Many people share their dining experiences on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Food Delivery Platforms:

Explore food delivery platforms; they often include customer reviews and ratings that can help you identify the best pizza places in your area.

Local Food Blogs:

Read local food blogs or websites that focus on restaurant reviews and recommendations. Bloggers often provide detailed insights into their dining experiences.

Ask Locals:

Approach locals or coworkers and ask for their favourite pizza spots. Recommendations from people who live or work in the area can be valuable.

Visit Food Festivals or Events:

Attend local food festivals or events where pizzerias may showcase their specialities. It’s an excellent opportunity to taste different pizzas and discover new favourites.

Check Online Menus:

Browse the menus of different pizza places online. This can give you an idea of the variety and quality of pizzas offered by each establishment.

Specialty Pizza Shops:

Consider trying speciality pizza shops that focus on unique and creative pizza options. These places often offer a distinctive and memorable dining experience.

Visit Local Forums:

Participate in local forums or community groups where residents discuss their favourite restaurants. These platforms can provide authentic insights and hidden gems.

Word of Mouth:

Trust recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have similar taste preferences. Personal recommendations often lead to satisfying dining experiences.

Remember that the “best” pizza is subjective and depends on personal taste. It’s a good idea to explore different options and try a few places to find the pizza that suits your preferences. Keep an open mind and enjoy the delicious journey of discovering the best pizza near you!

Restaurants That Serve Amazing Pizzas in Bangalore  

The Pizza Bakery

Come and savour the authentic Neapolitan-style wood-fired sourdough pizzas at The Pizza Bakery. Winner of the ‘Best Pizza’ at the Times Food Awards 2022, they craft their sourdough base from 100% natural flour, free from additives and enzymes. The tomato sauce, made using a generations-old Italian family recipe, adds to the delectable experience. 

Brick Oven 

Brick Oven offers a pizza experience with a crust that strikes the perfect balance between thin and thick. Their amazing tomato sauce is a delight for pizza lovers. Freshly made pizzas are a speciality, and they have garnered fame among pizza enthusiasts. 

Fenny’s Lounge

Fenny’s Lounge, conveniently located next to Forum Mall, is a must-visit after a shopping spree. Indulge in their delicious pizzas prepared in the typical wood fire Italian style, featuring a thin crust base that’s simply irresistible. Don’t miss the chance to admire their largest wine bottle chandelier, holding a Limca Book of World Records mention. 


Alba, nestled in JW Marriott on Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, offers a classy setting and beautiful décor for enjoying Italian-style pizzas. Known for their cheesy goodness, Alba has a massive fan following. The classic Margherita stands out with its delightful crust base and abundant cheese.

BYLI (Bet You Love It)

BYLI (Bet You Love It) is a chilled-out spot loved by the younger generation. Indulge in their yummy pizzas with the Famous BYLI crust featuring a plethora of toppings, including tomato, cheese, roasted chicken, onion, capsicum, olives, mushrooms, and herbs. 

Feast at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel

Feast at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is perfect for a fine dining experience. They ensure the best and freshest ingredients for their amazing pizzas. The Pizza Primavera, featuring wild and gathered mushrooms, mozzarella, and fresh herbs on a freshly baked crust, is a must-try.


Chianti, known for serving authentic Italian cuisine, is a go-to place for Italian food enthusiasts. Among their many offerings, the Quattro Formaggi, with four types of cheese, or Pollo AllaGriglia, are pizza highlights. 


Tiamo, located at Conrad Bengaluru in Ulsoor, provides an elegant ambience with outdoor seating and serves delicious pizza paired with your favourite beverage. If you’re a true pizza lover, this is bound to become your all-time favourite pizzeria in Bangalore.

The Final Word

We understand the importance of good food in the life of a person, and hence we have made this list of recommendations for you. India is a land of diverse cuisine, but sometimes we need a change of taste from Indian cuisine. International delicacies like pizzas can prove to be a nice change of taste, and you should not make any compromises with it. If you want to try the best pizzas in Bangalore but don’t have the time to visit these restaurants, you can simply order from them using Swiggy. It is the favourite food delivery platform in India, and they are known for its efficient & timely delivery. Order a pizza from any of these restaurants, and it will be delivered right at your doorstep.    

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