Protecting privacy is essential on cellular and iPhone devices

Smartphones have slowly taken over our lives, and they are currently the best friend and confident we have. We use this magic gadget for seemingly an

Smartphones have slowly taken over our lives, and they are currently the best friend and confident we have. We use this magic gadget for seemingly an endless list of things that include everything for the payments of utilities to social networking.

But the problem with these Smart devices is that these are prone to breakages, damages and data files getting corrupted. But hey! It happens to all of us. If you have a broken iPhone, all you need to do is contact iPhone repair Orlando Love My Phone service.

In the following section, we list several security measures you can take to help protect your phone against data corruption and other software damages. It is essential that you keep a few DIY tips handy since it is not that easy to get hold of an authorized iPhone service center in various parts of America.

The passcode is your friend

This one is quite obvious, but you will be amazed to know that according to consumer reports over 60% of iPhone users do not use the passcode feature to lock the phone. Not using the passcode is just stupid since your data is accessible to anyone who merely swipes the phone. Do not use an overly complicated passcode but then again do not use one as simple as your birth-date or even worse, your phone number! Additionally, it is a great idea to go for the PIN and not the pattern lock since the chances of getting the right guess with the PIN is virtually impossible before the phone locks itself.

Choose your apps selectively

Just because your buddy is using an app, doesn’t mean you need it. In the case of electronic gadgets and devices, the compatibility between friends isn’t the matter, but the app requires the compatibility of features and specs with the phone. Ask yourself do you need the new app? This is essential since you need to remember the more apps you install, the slower is the performance for your phone. Also, keep in mind that any reputed seller for an app will not ask for your personal information for installation on your device.

Avoid the suspicions links

According to the consumer reports, individuals are prone to clicking on a suspicious link on the phone but not on the desktop. There is no reason behind this behavior, but since the fact is the truth, it is wise to stay away and avoid any form of suspicious links from forwarded emails, WhatsApp texts, and Messenger pings. A general rule of thumb is to stay away from any link which asks for your personal information.

About remote wiping

Remote wiping is a feature that is pre-loaded into many smart devices especially the iPhone variants. Remote wiping gives you the ease of access and a safety net where you can delete the saved data on the phone from anywhere in the world. This ensures complete safety and security for the user in case the phone is lost or stolen.

Updated software

It is also essential to keep the software patches up to date as the new iterations roll-out on a weekly or monthly basis. Keeping the software updated will mean there are fewer glitches and performance issues with your iPhone.

Practice these general good habits to maintain your iPhone and extend its life. In case of any breakdown contact your nearest iPhone repair service immediately.

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