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What to do When Your Air Conditioner is Frozen

Nothing can be more frustrating and disappointing than suddenly knowing on a hot summer day that your air conditioner has frozen up. For any air conditioning unit, freezing is one of the commonest reasons behind its malfunctioning. Don’t get confused by the term ‘Freeze’ when it is used in terms of ACs. Actually, when your AC unit freezes up, it stops functioning properly, and you are pitiably left in the heat.

This article discusses how you can deal with the problem of freezing-

1. Check your filter

A dirty filter might be the cause behind it. Find the return vent of your machine, unscrew the cover and very minutely check your filter. If you find it full of dirt, then it’s time to replace it on the spot. The process involves no difficulty and the filters can also be bought easily from the open market.

2. Thaw out the machine

You have to follow two easy steps to thaw out your air conditioner unit. First, you need to switch off the thermostat, and then switch on the fan. This way, your AC Unit will begin defrosting the coil. It will take a few hours to be completely defrosted. Locating the frozen coil and air handler is part of the 2nd step. Before melting and dripping takes its toll, inspecting your condensate pan well is also a great idea. Make sure that the draining passage is working in an appropriate manner.

3. Refrigerant leakage

Refrigerant plays a crucial role in the cooling that an AC carries out. But the lines the refrigerant travels through might be prone to leakage while causing a huge number of issues. Not only does it make your unit to freeze, but also expose you to the harmful impact of the refrigerant.

4. Startup

After giving your machine sufficient time for thawing, it’s time to set the thermostat back to its original functioning. If the unit is rendering air which is cooler than room temperature at that moment, your air conditioning unit is in the working condition again.

The end note

In case you are facing the freezing issues frequently, then it might be a serious concern for your AC. It is always good to call professionals for effective AC service in Noida. Let them know in greater details what happened and they will minutely inspect the machine for a suitable solution. If you are in any part of the NCR and need immediate AC repair and Service then Liferay is an ideal company to approach for immediate, reliable, affordable and 100% satisfactory services.

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