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Premium Quality Marijuana Concentrates and Reason Behind Their Hard Hitting

There is a huge demand for concentrated marijuana stuff in the market because of its distinctive euphoric feel. Apart from the traditional dry herb le

There is a huge demand for concentrated marijuana stuff in the market because of its distinctive euphoric feel. Apart from the traditional dry herb leaves, you can find its concentrated versions which are enough to get you high with just one or two puffs. The techniques of marijuana consumption have also evolved to a new level. There is no need to burn your lungs and throat with cancer-causing tar. Vaporizers are available for a smokeless emission of both liquid and solid concentrates. If you are consuming marijuana for a long time and developed a good capacity to handle its hard-hitting, some amazing strains are available to try. Scroll down to gain complete information regarding their potency level & quality.

A major factor behind the euphoric impact of marijuana

Before going further to know the most suitable concentrates, it is important to understand that which factor of marijuana is responsible for getting you high. In a marijuana leaf, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) & CBD (Cannabidiol) are two compounds that exist abundantly. The CBD contains medicinal properties whereas THC hits your mind with a great euphoric impact. While smoking weed, you never notice this important fact. Therefore, people sometimes buy wrong strain due to the lack of knowledge. When you visit a marijuana dispensary, it is advisable to check the percentage of THC in their products. A higher level of Tetrahydrocannabinol means hard-hitting puffs. Now, let’s navigate below to know about the concentrates that every weed lover must try at once.

Marijuana concentrates that hits you harder than usual

  • THC-A Crystalline

If you have already attained a high capacity of handling marijuana, try crystals at least once in a lifetime. This is the rarest as well as most expensive marijuana variant that you cannot find everywhere. Only a few authorized dispensaries can provide this stuff but consume on your own risk. Just one puff is enough to immerse in euphoria for a long time. The crystals are obtained through lab processing which is completely odorless and tasteless. A normal weed herb contains maximum 30-33% of THC whereas the crystals are almost 99% pure. This is the main reason why you should take adequate precautions before deciding to inhale. The best way to consume crystal is through a vaporizer.

  • Wax

As mentioned above, crystal is rare stuff that you cannot find even with plenty of money in some places. However, finding wax is not that difficult. It is a marijuana concentrate that looks like candle wax of brown color. Almost every authorized dispensary of marijuana can provide wax concentrate that contains up to 80% of THC. Before buying it, always read the percentage because price varies on the basis of potency level.

Both of these marijuana products are extracted in the lab and you need vaporizer to inhale. However, it is not necessary to buy a vaporizer to get high on weed safely. Marijuana edibles with a high level of THC are also available for sale in the authorized dispensaries.