Delivery API Integration for Shipping Software

Delivery API Integration for Shipping Software: As a store owner, how do you handle the orders, requests, payments, shipping, accounting, and manage t

Delivery API Integration for Shipping Software: As a store owner, how do you handle the orders, requests, payments, shipping, accounting, and manage to find ways to expand the customer base for the business? Does it cause much stress and take hours to get the work done?

Here is a solution to simplify the process and find enough time to concentrate on creating new products and finding innovative methods to increase the customer base.

Ezyslips, a Gurgaon based company offers shipping software for store owners. This software helps in integrating the various e-commerce websites and marketplaces and bringing together the data on a single platform. Instead of tracking orders on each of the websites, store owners can access the collective information on Ezyslips platform.

Founded in 2011, Delhiveryis a third-party logistics provider that operates in more than 1200 cities throughout India. Ezyslips provides Delhivery API Integration for Shipping Software which help in seamlessly connecting the platforms and importing the data and information. Once the integration process is completed, the software is synchronized to ensure that the data about new orders and shipping is updated automatically.

  • Automate Pickup
    • 3PL integration improves efficiency, makes the process flexible, and provides better resources to focus on the core competency of the business.
    • Store owners can create return/exchange orders with a click.
    • Custom reasons such as “damaged”, “wrong size”, “wrong color”, etc. can be set up. There is no limit to the number of custom reasons.
    • Orders can be exchanged easily.
    • All the return orders can be tracked. The reasons will help store owners know what went wrong and how to avoid such incidents in future.
  • Multi-warehouse Handling
    • Integrating multiple warehouses with the system will enable the store owners to process and shop numerous orders at once.
    • Instead of printing individual shipping labels and sending the deliveries one by one, the labels can be printed in bulk and the orders can be shipped in one go.
    • This saves time and money for the store owners while allowing a faster and efficient delivery process. The Delhivery API Integration API with Ezyslips provides real-time tracking numbers which can be used to track the shipments.
    • Control ground transportation for the shipments and stay organized at all times.
  • Send Customer Alerts
    • Being in control of the deliveries can prove to be beneficial in more ways than one.
    • Sending customers regular updates about their orders will result in happy and satisfied customers.
    • Order accepted, order packed, order shipped, order transmitted, order delivered, order canceled, order returned are some of the alerts that can be sent to customers along with the date and approximate time of the delivery.

Automate the returns by notifying the customers and providing the refunds in a timely manner to maintain good customer relations.

Our various price packages for shipping software benefits the store owners as they can decide which package suits them the most and opt for it.

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