How online wedding invitations can be impactful during COVID 19

Wedding invitations form a crucial part of any wedding since they give an insight to guests about all the wedding related information like venue, date

Wedding invitations form a crucial part of any wedding since they give an insight to guests about all the wedding related information like venue, date, events planned, theme etc. It is no wonder then that couples spend a great deal of time choosing an invite matching their aesthetic senses. Apart from the traditional printed invites, online wedding invitations off late have found a lot of followers among many new age millennial couples. Their positive impact has been multifold among wedding communities considering we are still not yet out of the woods in terms of the coronavirus pandemic.

Restrictions on travel and other social distancing measures have meant that the couples or their parents might not be in a position to personally invite their intended guest list. In such circumstances online wedding invitations provide a viable alternative. The variety of e-wedding invitations on offer is also worth exploring. Couples can opt for video invites, animated wedding cards, multipage e-invites, digital invites in regional languages and single page e-invites as per their convenience.

What’s more, online wedding invitations can be easily modified to accommodate any last minute changes in the wedding detail at minimal costs unlike the traditional printed invites. The situation due to Covid’19 being fluid, there may be restrictions on the number of guests who could attend a wedding with changes also possible in the wedding event logistics. Therefore it’s always advisable to go for an online wedding invitation with customization as a value addition.

Another potential advantage of online wedding invitations is that they provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional printed invites. They are not only cost effective but also reduce a lot of avoidable paper wastage. Such digital invites can be shared with as many guests as possible since the invitations are all extended online by the wedding party. In the present times where people have apprehensions about travelling due to the coronavirus pandemic and considering that wedding expenses are on the rise across the world, such thoughtful decisions can save a lot of money for the wedding community.

Nowadays couples are experimenting with their wedding choices by opting for the virtual wedding services as a complete package to cover almost all areas of their special occasion. Such services include a dedicated wedding website, the ever popular wedding gift registry service, live streaming packages for the different wedding ceremonies, facilitating the delivery of celebratory gifts and meals to virtual guests etc. With weddings seemingly going smart and waste-free during Covid 19, online wedding invitations can only serve to enhance the user experience for everyone involved since they are always the first point of interaction for guests in terms of what to expect and set the tone for the wedding. Technological platforms like Wedding Wishlist have been great enablers towards this trend as they offer all of the above and much more at affordable prices and with great distinction. So take the lead and inspire fellow couples to follow your example in making smart wedding choices.