Top 5 cryptocurrency news websites

Cryptocurrency is the new hot topic for people. Whether they want to invest in it or not, everybody is interested in knowing about it and its technolo

Cryptocurrency is the new hot topic for people. Whether they want to invest in it or not, everybody is interested in knowing about it and its technology which is called Blockchain.

It is as famous as the new youth sensation Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk had put it in his Twitter bio. Recently he has changed his bio and included “Bitcoin” in it. And that again made cryptocurrencies a news headline. People have started doing Google searches and the price of BTC has reached it’s 10 days high.

People who are investors in cryptomarket, or who are just wanted to have Knowledge about it, find it difficult to get all sorts of news related to crypto. So, in this article, I will list some of the top cryptocurrency news websites :

  • Coindesk

It is the leader of all cryptocurrency news websites. It provides the readers with news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. They are providing their readers with authentic news articles since it’s starting in 2003.
They are doing their job amazingly.

  • CryptoEmotions

This is an Indian website, where you will find all the latest happenings of the crypto industry. They provide engaging articles about cryptocurrency and its technology. You can find the latest price of different bitcoins also at CryptoEmotions.

And they also provide articles related to crypto terminologies like BTFD HODL SAFU etc which are hard to know for a beginner. They aim to educate their readers about the current happenings in the crypto world and spread awareness about the basics of this future technology.

  • CoinTelegraph

Whether it is to find the rise and fall in the Bitcoin Price Index or the new cryptocurrency news, this website will cover everything for you.
They are a fully dedicated news site that will cover everything regarding Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.
And the biggest plus point is that it is available in different languages like English, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese, Serbian, and many more.

  • CCN

It is Norway based on a cryptocurrency news website, which is here to serve the latest news about the crypto market and blockchain to its readers.
They provide other vital information as well regarding the market like ICO Calendar, cryptocurrency news, market cap, DLT events, etc.

  • TodayOnChain

It’s a very famous news site that covers all the news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. It collects or takes the reference of all the news from some of the above-mentioned sites, and then forwards it.

The blockchain and crypto industry is continuously evolving, and innovating with advancements. If you are investing or intend to invest, it is essential to remain aware of the industry happenings. These were the top cryptocurrency news websites, you can visit any of these sites to read about the latest news regarding the crypto world.

And if you are an amateur and wants to learn the basics then you should visit CryptoEmotions, as they have content for educational purpose as well.