Guide To Buying the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

When diamond mining giant DeBeers came up with their famous tagline “A Diamond is Forever” at the end of the Second World War to push the sale of diam

When diamond mining giant DeBeers came up with their famous tagline “A Diamond is Forever” at the end of the Second World War to push the sale of diamonds, little did they know that were setting benchmarks in engagement rings. Even after seven decades of that ad, the first thing that comes to a man’s mind when he professes love for his fiancée and commits himself to an everlasting relationship is gifting of a diamond-studded engagement ring.

Here is a “how-to” guide to buying the perfect engagement ring for your would-be partner for life.

Guessing her preferences

Most women dream from their childhood of the engagement ring they would like to flaunt on their finger later. If you cannot match up to her expectations, she is going to be disappointed. The main problem is to know her ring finger size and preferences without letting her realise that you are buying a ring for her. The element of surprise is critical in gifting an engagement ring. You can ask one of her friends to get you a ring from her jewellery box temporarily or you can try and guess the size.

Her personality is also a determining factor when you step into a store to select one from the many unique engagement ring designs on display. Follow these tips to make up your mind.   

  • Extrovert and stylish – Women following a flamboyant lifestyle would love a ring that oozes glamour and style, Choose a ring with the main stone set higher than usual with a small diamonds set into the band. It makes the centre stone look bigger than what it is.
  • Romantic – If your partner has a romantic bend of mind, consider a ring with intricate designs and patterns in an antique style. Filigree, scrollwork patterns, thin bands, and complex galleries with a design from the past that has an old-world charm would be the right choice.
  • Traditional and elegant – Opt for a design that has a single stone solitaire setting without any distractions. To add to the beauty of the ring, have small diamonds set in the undercarriage of the band with the central diamond sitting low on the basket or trellis.
  • Outdoor and nature lover – For the woman who loves nature and spends lots of time outdoors, you have to choose a ring that is high on both aesthetics and functionality. A ring with a lot of organic elements such as vines, leaves and flowers will be ideal. Since she is an active person, have the diamond protected with a bezel setting that hugs the stone all the way around the girdle.

These are just a few guidelines. It is almost impossible to predict human likes and dislikes and you can only hope to get it right.  

Exclusive diamond engagement rings to choose from

The diamond engagement ring that you choose for your fiancée depends on a host of factors such as her preferences, your budget and the latest trends. You might even choose to buy a classic and time-tested design.

  • Square cut diamond engagement rings – The diamond on the ring is not square but only has square-like cuts on it. Some of the more popular designs in this category are Asscher cut, princess cut, and cushion cut. A princess cut looks larger than a conventional round diamond of similar carats. Thus, for almost the same price, you can get a stone that gives off an illusion of being big.  
  • Pink diamond engagement rings – Pink is the traditional colour that denotes love and affection, but if you want to buy a pink diamond engagement ring, you might have to break your bank. Pink diamonds like most coloured diamonds are scarce to come by and thus, very expensive. Hues range from deep pink to faint pink tones. It is one of the hardest forms of diamonds and retains its original beauty and clarity for a lifetime. About 80% of the world’s output of this breed of diamonds is mined at the Argyle Mine, Kimberley, Western Australia and hence these are generally referred to as Pink Argyle Diamonds.  
  • Solitaire diamond engagement rings – This setting has been an all-time favourite down the ages. If you are not sure about your partner’s preferences, buying a solitaire diamond engagement ring is a safe choice. Another advantage is that because of its single stone look, it will complement any design of a wedding ring.

This post is just a rough guideline for you to buy a diamond engagement ring. The ultimate call is yours when you walk into a jewellery store to buy one.      

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