Best Protein Powders for Vegans

It can be quite difficult to be a vegan especially with so many animal products in the market. This does not exclude protein powders for people who wa

It can be quite difficult to be a vegan especially with so many animal products in the market. This does not exclude protein powders for people who want to lose weight or gain some muscle. Some of the most common protein powders you can see are either whey or casein proteins which are made from animal sources. Although they are probably one of the best protein powders out there, they do not just meet the needs for vegans. More so, many of the available plant protein powders are not as nutrient-rich as animal protein powders so, if you are to go for a plant protein powder, we recommend you combine different protein powders. Luckily, the Livin3 blog has compiled a list of protein powders that are beneficial for you. We will be taking a look at the powders.

Hawaiian spirulina powder.

The spirulina is an alga and is very rich in important nutrients such as proteins (about 57% to 70% of proteins per serving), vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 and a good number of micronutrients. If you want to have a solid amount of protein in a powder, the spirulina powder is a good option. What’s more is that in addition to the benefits of giving you a good protein pack, the spirulina powder also has other benefits. Due to its high niacin (vitamin B3) content, spirulina can increase levels of “good” HDL cholesterol and reduce levels of “bad” HDL cholesterol and triglyceride. The price is also quite reasonable at somewhere between $37 and $40. You do not also have to worry about genetic modification or gluten. It is made by Nutrex Hawaii. You can get more information about the spirulina powder on the livin3’s blog

Vega sports protein powder:

In addition to proteins, this plant-based mixture of proteins contains probiotics which are very healthy for the intestinal bacteria and may have other benefits such as helping in digestion. It could give you about 30 grams of proteins per serving. This may not be as high as spirulina powder but it is still healthy nonetheless. It goes for a good bargain price too. You can check the livin3’s blog for more information. It comes in 4 different flavors like Mocha, chocolate, berry, and vanilla.

Orgain organic plant-based protein powder:

This one combines a reasonable price with great taste for any vegan looking for a delicious powder to add to their protein shakes. It blends well into smoothies and you can make many great smoothie recipes with this protein powder. It is one of the top-ranked choices on Amazon so we think that many consumers seem to be satisfied with the proteins. For a more detailed spec and information on this protein, you can take a visit to the Livin3 blog.  

Garden of life meal replacement:

This is a raw protein powder. The difference between a raw protein powder and other protein powders is that raw protein powders are not exposed to heat above 107°F/42°C. They do this because proteins are denatured at high temperatures. Think about the difference between raw eggs and cooked or fried eggs. Or roasted meat and fresh meat. Raw protein powders mean the proteins inside are not denatured. Many people prefer it this way. Garden of life meal replacement contains about 20g of protein per serving, probiotics and about 44 different superfoods added to it. For more specs and advise you can check the Livin3 blog.

KOS organic plant-based protein powder:

This is another raw protein powder which means the proteins are less likely to have been denatured and the proteins and enzymes in the plants are well-preserved. It is a special blend of 5 different plant proteins. Remember that we said no single plant protein seems to be complete, rather, plant proteins need to be combined to make a more complete protein. You may be getting a more-complete protein with this blend. You can check the Livin3 blog for more information.

The livin3’s blog:

You may have noticed that we mentioned the Livin3 blog a number of times in this article and may have wondered why. Well, we got much of the information from Livin3 blog, although we did some extra research to get additional information on the products yet we do not want this article to be too bulky with information so we decided to do an informative summary of these proteins. It is also a good idea to combine two or three of these plant proteins to get many benefits from these proteins, although we advise you work with a dietician to get the best out of your combination. The Livin3 blog contains more information on the best ways to use these protein powders. You could use them as protein supplements, to help weight or muscle gain or in weight loss depending on how you use the proteins and what you eat the proteins with. Find out how you can use the proteins for weight loss and preserving muscle mass on the Livin3 blog. The Livin3 blog also has some ideas on recipes for the use of plant-based protein powder supplements that you may find useful.