Why I love to see the golden boot winner MOHAMED SALAH

The Egyptian football sensation Mohamed Salah was last Europe's top scorer in all competitions. Every soccer fan was excepting for Real Madrid's Crist

The Egyptian football sensation Mohamed Salah was last Europe’s top scorer in all competitions. Every soccer fan was excepting for Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo but Salah’s best performances in the matches made him lift the golden boot. The Liverpool striker surpassed all the leading strikers in Europe. The Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, Tottenham’s Harry Kane, PSG’s Einson Cavani were the competitors of Salah during the 2017-18 season. No doubt that the competition was certainly greater by the involvement of new faces like Chelsea’s forward Alvaro Morata and Liverpool’s Salah. Liverpool bought this remarkable player from Roma for just over $50m and since he made himself a profitable striker for his club.

Remarkable performances

In the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, Mohamed Salah scored a couple of goals against his former club Roma at their home stadium. The Liverpool fans were shocked when he has shown a respectful nature by refused celebration against his former club. By the fantastic winning by 5-2, they went to the finals. For Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp he was the true genius which helped them to complete clubs objectives. The marvelous performance of salah against the Watford in which he was able to achieve his hat-trick by the total score of 5-0 and the betting goes higher on Wager Bop. That match puts salah a one step ahead to achieve the golden boot.

It is very interesting to note that Salah has never before scored a superb hat-trick. But this Egyptian footballer has previously scored two regular hat-tricks during his career. The first one was when he played with his Egyptian national team against Zimbabwe. The second hat-trick came from when he was playing as a Roma’s striker against Bologna in 2016. In the final of UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid salah suffered from the shoulder injury. He has tears in his eyes when he left the field. But unfortunately, Liverpool faced 3–1 defeat. After obtaining fantastic results from league matches currently he becomes the fourth liverpool player who scored four goals in an exceedingly single Premier League game. Apart from this, he won the BBC’s African Player title in 2017.

On 2 July 2018, Mohamed Salah signed a long-term with Liverpool. The manager of Liverpool Manager Jürgen Klopp is very happy about his commitment toward the club. Salah started this season by scoring his first goal against the West Ham United on 12 August. Salah was also shortlisted in the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year and UEFA Forward of the Season.

A famous ball controller

Mohamed Salah is known for his speed, movement, clinical finishing, and agility. He played with excellent touch. In order to beat opponents, he uses his marvelous pace which makes him tackle the defenders. A fast pace helps him to play multiple positions like attacker, midfielder or second striker. In the initial time, Salah started playing on left-back position. But Liverpool gave him so much great chances to operate as the main striker.

About the Charities

Mohamed Salah comes from a small village Nagrig. Most of the people in Nagrig are living in poverty. To develop his village Salah also giving financial helps to build schools and hospitals. His family was robbed by a thief and the police were arresting him. His father was going to charge a case on thief but Salah suggested him to drop the case. The interesting thing about Mohamed Salah is here he is a very kindhearted player. He helped financially to the thief and helped him to find a job. During a match against Tottenham, Salah saw a supporter Mohamed Abdel Karim in the stadium and gave him a Liverpool shirt . The reason behind that the young guy was picturized wearing a jumper reading Salah’s name shirt.

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