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Finding The Right Vet For Your Pet

When it comes to choosing a vet, it is worthwhile doing a comprehensive check before committing your time, money, and your pet's health into anyone's

When it comes to choosing a vet, it is worthwhile doing a comprehensive check before committing your time, money, and your pet’s health into anyone’s hands – no matter how highly recommended they come.  All of vets have the requisite degrees and credentials, but it is how they interact with you and your pet that really makes the distinction.  Shop around and make a consultation with several vets: this is a powerful way to benchmark your ultimate clinic of choice’s criteria of healthcare and client service.

Where to Look

Word of mouth is your best way to locate a health care practitioner, and vets are no exception for this.  Speak to your buddies who have dogs; should you see any especially well-cared for puppies out and about (especially of your pet’s breed), ask the proprietor which vet they visit.

Helpful information is your breeder that you got your pet from – presuming that their animals are well-cared for, this is another excellent way to find a fantastic vet in Balwyn suburb.

One more option is to question the coach who manages dog obedience or pup school locally; they can normally suggest an excellent clinic as well.

Listed below are some of the main aspects of veterinary care to consider:


You need to weigh up convenience against quality: it is great to have your vet in easy distance of your house, but you don’t want to sacrifice decent animal care for the sake of additional driving time.  On the flip side, emergency care is significant too – moment can make the difference between death and life in crises, and you don’t want to be driving for an hour simply to get to the clinic. Try to locate a balance between healthcare and ease of accessibility.

What type of office hours does the vet keep?

It is likely to be a drag when you have to take off time from work to take your puppy to get a regular checkup.

What’s your perception of this office, the waiting room, and the examination room?

All should be tidy, well-kept, warm and dry.  There should be sufficient space in the waiting room for you and your puppy to sit comfortably while you await your appointment. The examination room is significant: cleanliness is obviously paramount, but looks at the details, too. Is all the equipment put away?  If your puppy starts thrashing around or leaps off the desk, there should not be anything left from place that he can hurt himself.  The table ought to be wiped down after each use; all surfaces must be resistant to dirt and water; etc.

  • What are the staffs like?
  • Do they place you and your puppy at ease?
  • Do they answer questions with a grin?

How does the vet socialize with your pet?

Of course, some dogs are going to be upset at your vet’s no matter what occurs, but you can tell from a quick monitoring whether that vet has compassion for animals. Does the vet offer other solutions, like

  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Training

Money is an important factor as well

Does the clinic take major credit cards?  What about when your puppy requires an abrupt surgery or expensive treatment – are payment programs an alternative?

Making the Decision

This is a fairly major decision. Your pet is totally hooked on you for his healthcare; you are his spokesperson for the ultimate decision, too. He can’t talk and ask all the questions that are most relevant to him, like you can when choosing your doctor; so don’t be scared to talk! Choose wisely, and you and your puppy should enjoy a long time yet collectively.