Audience Response Systems: A Revolutionary Way to Keep the Audience Attentive

Being a motivational speaker is challenging. Presenting a piece of your writing to the audience is complicated and stressful. But what remains diffic

Being a motivational speaker is challenging. Presenting a piece of your writing to the audience is complicated and stressful. But what remains difficult for a presenter is to keep the audience focused on the content. One of the conventional techniques is to facilitate a series of queries and answers among the audience.

But not always such techniques can work out. The introduction of the audience response systems has made the entire concept of keeping the audience motivated to a new level. These tools help the speaker to understand the exact requirements of his/her audience. That, in turn, assists in formulating profitable ways to channelize the concept across the audience without any hassle. This technique is useful in:

  • Improvising the attentiveness of the crowd
  • Enhancing the retention of knowledge
  • Creating deeper interaction with the audience

About Audience Response System

Also known as ARS, this system uses methods to gather the responses of the audience with the aid of technology. Certain technologies are available that allow people to collect information about effects on the audience, along with increasing the interaction as well. Along with this, the system enables professionals to:

  • Create anonymous polls
  • Track down the responses of each individual
  • Gather sufficient data for future analysis
  • Confirm understanding of the audience regarding a specific topic
  • Easy display of results

Interactive Content Management with ARS

ARS finds its uses in many sectors like corporate events, conferences, talk shows, etc. These shows or conferences need to deliver motivational and engaging concepts to engage the audience. The Interactive Content Management system helps in understanding the requirements of a specific group of individuals, thereby formulating ways to engage them. Here are some of the methods as to how ARS can be useful:

  • Voting System

It is essential to understand the popularity and necessity of a topic in the market. The ARS system provides the tools to conduct anonymous polls, which can help in such concepts. It gives the audience the perfect platform to cast their votes, which allows the presenter to understand their needs. Also, it helps the presenter to understand his stand in the industry and how well the audience appreciates him.

  • Market Study

Due to the polls, one gets to study the market trends very well. Getting instant feedback from the audience helps the organizers to understand the value of their products and services in the market. Also, it helps them to understand the beneficial ways to update the entire show to attract the attention of the audience.

  • Advancing Training Sessions

In case you are planning to deliver a training session, it is time to use ARS for the same. That is because; a training session is successful only if you manage to provide the information that the group wants to hear. But understanding what the audience wants is pretty challenging. That is why you need to use ARS. It helps you to gather real-time views of the individuals, which can be further used in your session to make it more informative and exciting.

  • An Easy Way to Track Attendance

ARS is also useful in tracking down the attendance and feedback of the audience. It is vital for the training sessions, which involves certifications. Training sessions for a large gathering can include a lot of discrepancies. Utilizing such a system can help the presenter to keep track of the audience without any confusion.

  • Taking Effective Decisions

Conducting a live session with a group is quite stressful, and keeping them motivated with the same is complicated in all. But with the availability of ARS, one can take live inputs of the audience to change their flaws into potential outcomes. Such aspects are quite profitable for live seminars and training sessions where the host can make then small changes with the direct feedback of the audience without any hassles. 

Expert Tips to Work With ARS

As already highlighted in the above section, ARS is quite effective in keeping the audience engaged with the live session. But, before starting to work with such an enhanced system, one must be aware of how to use it for maximum benefits. Therefore, here are some expert tips about working with ARS:

  • In case you receive both wrong and right answers, make sure to use visual cues appropriately
  • Keep it simple so every individual can use the system properly
  • Keep a time frame to get the responses from the audience
  • Make sure to provide yourself with a considerable amount of time to give the appropriate replies
  • Make sure to include exciting sections which help the audience to relax for a certain period
  • Make sure to ask interactive and fascinating questions, answers to which can be fruitful for your success
  • Work on boosting the confidence of the audience
  • Never ask complicated questions

Apart from these, make sure to pretest the system before integrating it for your next session. Also, keep interacting with your audience to let the audience know their worth. You cannot focus on every reply that you receive from every individual in the audience. But make sure to let them know that every response counts. That way, you would always end up delivering the best lectures to your audience. 

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