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Dp Vishwakarma, Switched Career from Engineering to Digital Marketing to become Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is one of the hottest careers in the market today. A recent study reveals that India has spent 1 Billion Dollars in Digital Marketin

Digital marketing is one of the hottest careers in the market today. A recent study reveals that India has spent 1 Billion Dollars in Digital Marketing in just one year, 2017!

Digital Marketing industry has huge opportunities for everyone. You can become a freelancer, working from home as a part-time job, start your own venture/company, or get a good job in an MNC with an excellent salary. It’s a very demanding profile nowadays. As an entrepreneur, you can increase your online presence through proper Digital Marketing techniques.

If you too own any online business then you may definitely be aware of its tremendous exposure & possible growth. You can reach millions of people around the world in a matter of hours. But to make this possible you need a proper execution of ongoing marketing tactics and for this, you need a proficient Digital Marketing Consultant.

DP Vishwakarma is a proficient Digital Marketing Consultant based in Delhi. This blog post enlists all his struggle from subsequent failures in getting a good technical job in his engineering field to taking a course in Digital Marketing & starting his all-new venture to become a top Digital Marketing Expert in Delhi.

Struggle to Acquire the Topmost Position in Digital Marketing Field


From just an initial idea, Vishwakarma reached the top in attaining a unique career in Digital marketing field. Completing his engineering, Vishwakarma wandered around for getting a perfect job in his specialized field (Electrical Engineering). But all his hard work went in vain when he subsequently failed in a series of interviews.

Vishwakarma was lucky to have gifted with excellent marketing skills. Irrespective of having specialization in Engineering, he got six jobs in marketing and sales domain but quit all of them. This is when he stepped into the marketing field (well, it’s more like a by chance), worked for some E-commerce projects & finally become a proud founder of KeywordsFly~ the top & most rapidly growing SEO Agency in Delhi NCR, India.

Vishwakarma explained how he used his engineering skills into his journey of Digital Marketing. On sharing the importance of Digital Marketing, Vishwakarma explained his hard work in securing a stable top position on Google’s first page.

As per Vishwakarma, “I chose to learn Digital Marketing skills- rather than going for an MBA. Shortly after, I started working as a social media marketer for an e-commerce company.”

While working as a social media marketer, Vishwakarma realized the importance of Digital Marketing in today’s world and thought of taking a Digital Marketing course.  Following his dream to start his own company, He joined a Digital Marketing course & learned Digital Marketing skills both theoretical and practical. He then implemented those strategies in a real-world scenario.

Taking a Course in Digital Marketing to Starting His Own Blog, Company & Blogging Community

After completing a course in Digital Marketing has started climbing up to reach the top. He first started his personal blog with name dpvishwakarma.com & made it rank on search engine with the top keywords like “digital marketing expert” & “digital marketing consultant”.  He started sharing his best ideas, tips & skills on the field and it is no later he started receiving so many projects by different clients across India & abroad.

Vishwakarma then founded his own SEO agency named KeywordsFly. The company seeks to offer all Digital Marketing services from Content Services, PPC, to complete website optimization. In a very short span, He has managed to rank his KeywordsFly on the first page of Google. Try searching top keywords like “SEO agency” “SEO agency in Delhi” “best SEO agency in Delhi” & “SEO companies in Delhi” & you will land upon KeywordsFly!

After tasting success, Vishwakarma did not stop & started working even harder in the field. It is then he started his own dream project BloggerWlogger, a single platform for all bloggers & writers to share their innovative ideas & thoughts across different categories.

Exclusive Tips for Beginners in Digital Marketing

Vishwakarma’s advice to newbies who want to build a career in Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing is a result oriented domain. If you don’t have the experience you will never get a high salary or position. Don’t think in terms of money but about work/projects.
  • He advises students & beginners seeking to build a career in this field to keep learning SEO & keep yourself adapt to the changing trends. Just focus on remaining up-to-date with new techniques, tools, and methods with the help of latest video and blogs related to digital marketing & changes in Google Algorithm.
  • He says that there is a seriously high demand for digital marketing experts these days since almost every business today, look for their prospective clients online.
  • Certifications, practical skills, and hands-on training will help establish the base for your Digital Marketing skills & knowledge. So, taking a course in digital marketing is totally worth it if you want to sharpen up your blunt edges.
  • A Digital Marketer knows where your potential consumers are, how to create & establish a relationship with them. To stay competitive, a Digital Marketing professional needs to keep up with the changes by learning and mastering new skills constantly.

Digital Marketing Skills Vishwakarma Emphasizes To Learn

He worked with many companies and undertaken various freelancing projects. He deals in various services and worked hard to procure the following Digital Marketing skills:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Creating quality SEO friendly Content and Bidding
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Graphics Designing (Magazine, Logo, Digital Banner Ads, and Cover Design )
  • Data Analysis
  • Think Out of the Box, Be passionate & Curious
  • Keep an Eye on Web Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing To Reach Higher Audience
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Skills for Cost-Effective Campaigns

These are the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Digital Marketing As Per Vishwakarma

For the ones who are seeking a career in the Digital Marketing field, He lists the top most salaried jobs:

  1. Digital Marketing Expert
  2. SEO Expert
  3. Digital Project Management /Planning
  4. Content Strategist
  5. E-commerce Specialist
  6. Digital Media Manager
  7. Brand Marketing
  8. Email Marketing Manager
  9. Affiliate Marketer
  10. AdWords Specialist

DP Vishwakarma is now completely working as a Digital Marketing Consultant helping businesses to expand their online existence through the proper use of SEO & other Digital Marketing tools. According to him, “Upgrading your skills is an utmost necessity in almost every field. You cannot just sit and relax with your existing knowledge and set of skills. There is always a time when you need to upgrade your skills to remain at the top. “

So what’s your take on Vishwakarma’s this struggle? No great success was ever achieved without failure. Isn’t it? Don’t forget to share your success story in the comments below!