How accurate are handheld luggage scales?

Are you worried about paying extra for luggage while traveling with airlines? Not to worry, investing in a quality and durable handled luggage scales

Are you worried about paying extra for luggage while traveling with airlines? Not to worry, investing in a quality and durable handled luggage scales or portable luggage scale will solve this issue. Many times while packing for a trip we have to decide on things to carry based on their weight. No travelers prefer to pay extra for a few additional pounds.

Every airline has guidelines about maximum weight, number, and size of luggage allowed inside the aircraft. To be safe and fly peacefully it is better to read them up and carry bags that are well within the prescribed limit. The airline check-in staff measures each piece of your luggage to ensure that they match their prescribed weight limit. Suppose, your bag or luggage is overweight then they would request you to either remove some items or pay extra for the overweight.

Hence it is suggested that to avoid paying additional money for just a few pounds, it is better to buy a handheld luggage scale to weigh your bags before carrying them to the airport. Now the question arise are handheld luggage scale accurate and is it a necessary investment.

In answer to the above question let’s consider a few factors that you need to look for in handheld luggage scale.

Things to look for while buying a handheld luggage

1.   The capacity: the foremost feature of any weighing scale is their respective capacity. Each scale has a load limit, before investing in one check if the scale as the capacity to weigh as much as you need. Buying a scale with fewer loads weighing capacity is a useless investment.

2.       The method: the next feature to check in a luggage scale is how the scale measures the weight. Today handheld luggage scales are available in both metric and imperial system. Buy a scale that measures weight in a system which is easier for you to understand and work with.  

3.      Display: the third important feature of handheld luggage scale is their display feature. A weighing scale with a clear and visible display screen must be preferred. Digital scale with backlight is easier to read even in dark. And also look for practical features like weight lock.

4.      Reliable: buy a model that comes with low battery indicator, this makes it easy to keep track of when to change batteries. A warning light is better as they prevent one from using a low battery or faulty scales. A wrong weight reading is no use and can lead to overweight, which results in paying penalty at the airport.

5.      Quality: the most important feature of all is the quality of the material used in manufacturing the handheld luggage scale. Price is surely a factor to consider while buying a weighing scale, but remember to invest in a durable and quality product for longevity.  

So in answer to the question of how accurate is handheld luggage, it can be said that their working and accuracy depend on the factors mentioned above. Accuracy is crucial when it comes to weighing your baggage. And the scale that ticks all right boxes with guaranteed accuracy must be preferred. But individual handheld luggage scales tend to vary by few grams or ounces from one to another. So it is better to leave a breathing room of 5 kilograms or pounds than the prescribed limit by the airline to be safe.