VanityWagon launches all-natural, eco-friendly beauty marketplace

Gurugram, India – 15th September 2018: VanityWagon, a well-versed insider in the beauty industry, has announced the launch of an online marketplace th

Gurugram, India – 15th September 2018: VanityWagon, a well-versed insider in the beauty industry, has announced the launch of an online marketplace that will not only provide nature-inspired beauty products but also empower customers with the knowledge of pure beauty. Through its informative marketplace, VanityWagon intends to bring more awareness about safe, natural and eco-friendly beauty products that can combat the harmful effects of chemical-based cosmetics and beauty products.

In today’s information-driven era, it is extremely important to be aware of the pros and cons of the ingredients used in beauty products to avoid the related health problems. To ensure people get the right information related to their cosmetics and to ensure more and more quality natural ingredients are used to make natural beauty products, VanityWagon decided to venture into the world of natural beauty. Experts at the company conducted extensive research to come up with products that are focussed on a natural skincare regime. This decision was also motivated by awareness about the rising amount of toxic chemicals that are present in today’s mainstream beauty products, which claim to redefine beauty. The company’s beauty solutions are completely motivated by nature, with an aim of delivering products that are not only eco-friendly but also promote a healthier, all-natural skincare routine.

The products will be delivered through the company’s online marketplace where customers can choose the most suitable and natural beauty solutions that suit their individual skincare needs.

Apart from an all-organic beauty range, VanityWagon’s informative marketplace will also educate customers about the importance of clean and natural beauty. The company is aiming to build a community of beauty experts and users who care about nature and the overall well-being of the society. The platform intends to bring together individuals who care about what goes into their beauty products and allows them to interact with expert professionals who are well-versed in beauty requirements and the most trending but not-so-natural beauty alternatives. These experts will share their valued knowledge to help users become more conscious and cautious about what they use on their skin. Therefore, it is clear that VanityWagon believes in empowering its customers with the knowledge of every natural ingredient that can be used in beauty solutions.


Naina Ruhail 

Co-Founder | Vanity Wagon

Naina started her journey as a Blogger & Professional Makeup Artist back in 2014. From the best in Fashion to the latest trends in Beauty, she always aimed at bringing the best of the industry to her followers. Her stint at the London School of Makeup made her more aware of the natural beauty industry and how it gave every woman a chance to look beautiful even without the use of chemical infused products. It was then that a seed of Vanity Wagon was planted in her consciousness. Getting back to India in 2017, she started building her network and now successfully launched, Vanity Wagon – India’s first Only Organic Beauty Marketplace.

Prateek Ruhail

Co-Founder | Vanity Wagon  

A project finance lawyer, an Oxford University Graduate and a budding Entrepreneur – these words ideally define Prateek. Vanity Wagon for him is his way of doing something that makes a difference out there and yet lets him fulfil his dream of being a successful Entrepreneur. Focusing on Entrepreneurship in all forms at his MBA, he collaborated with some of the brightest minds at the University of Oxford. Taking the momentum forward when he first heard of the idea behind Vanity Wagon, he knew that this was the opportunity that would define his future. 

Sahil Shrestha

Co-Founder | Vanity Wagon

As its often said, the success of every business is defined by its Operations, Sahil is the hand behind the operational wheel of Vanity Wagon. An experienced event manager backed by a corporate stint, he has what it takes to hold the nerves during the most complex challenges. The marketplace model of Vanity Wagon brings some novel and demanding decision making, and Sahil is on top of every such situation. Through Vanity Wagon, he aims to set up one of the most streamlined e-commerce models, that will in-turn become a precedent for most top firms out there in the future.

This team of three highly experienced (over 20 years of experience amongst them) and energised Entrepreneurs is what would go to define the Organic and Natural Beauty Landscape of India in the years to come. 

Each product offered by VanityWagon is of the highest quality and standard, and has been carefully tested for quality, value and purity. Since the company is sustained on an all-natural concept, its products exclusively use only natural ingredients and are crafted out of pure, organic elements that offer therapeutic value to the skin. Moreover, these products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. Most of the brands featuring on VanityWagon’s marketplace are vegan and against animal cruelty. The company’s has a vision of becoming the go-to resource for not only the existing users of natural beauty products but also new individuals who are looking to explore the power of nature-inspired beauty products. VanityWagon wants to redefine the meaning of pure products, with a focus on making the concept an everyday reality. The company also welcomes new comers with open arms and offers expert consulting to those who are new to organic beauty.

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