Workflow approval service: characteristics and advantages

Any entrepreneur spends a lot of time on complex organization of work processes. It can be difficult to track at what particular stage each individual

Any entrepreneur spends a lot of time on complex organization of work processes. It can be difficult to track at what particular stage each individual transaction is, to transmit information to employees, counterparties quickly and in a timely manner. It’s much easier to use special software, which allows you to automate all business processes.

How to use approval software

Nowadays, there are special programs and services that can fully automate all work processes. The principle of workflow approval service is the following:

  • every transaction and every other operation is recorded directly in the system;
  • specific tasks are set for employees, and it is determined who is responsible for what;
  • the director is able to fully control all the stages in the online mode.

This is not a complete set of options that are available in such programs. The main thing is to be able to select approval software that is fully compliant with a particular company and the specifics of its activities. Many programs provide a wide range of additional options that allow you to conduct document management in electronic form.

Characteristics of using the PandaDoc program

One of the most popular approval software is PandaDoc. This service has a number of advantages:

  1. A wide range of options. Additional functions constantly appear in the program and the developers work on its improvement.
  2. A two-week test period. Within fourteen days you can absolutely free test all options and then decide whether it is necessary to get a paid version of the program.
  3. The presence of a handy mobile application. Service works not only from a PC or laptop. The developers offer a special application for smartphones and tablets.
  4. Intuitive interface. The user does not have to spend a lot of time to understand all the features of PandaDoc. From the first minute of using the program, it becomes clear what options are available here and how they work.

The advantage of PandaDoc is the possibility to use only those options that the user needs. In fact, the program can be fully optimized for your own needs.

Among all the functions of the service, users are most attracted by the possibility to create documents in electronic form. The developer has provided a wide range of templates, among which it is almost guaranteed to find the necessary one. In addition, each of the templates from the list of legal documents can be customized to meet your own needs. It is also possible to upload a document from a third-party medium and further edit it right inside the program, no need to use other services.

It is the built-in document editor which provides users with almost unlimited possibilities of working with all kinds of agreements, contracts, certificates and many other papers. Any document can be signed in just a few “clicks” with the help of an electronic signature, which can also be created directly in PandaDoc.