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The Many Benefits of CBD Oil for Seniors

In this blog, I discusses about the Benefits of CBD Oil for Seniors & Should Seniors Try CBD Oil? It might surprise you that seniors are

In this blog, I discusses about the Benefits of CBD Oil for Seniors & Should Seniors Try CBD Oil?

It might surprise you that seniors are the fastest expanding buyers of CBD oil and other cannabidiol products, as research reveals they also represent the lowest demographic when it comes to using and accepting cannabis in a positive light.

However, in recent years CBD oil has been proven to help a lot of people of all ages deal with many types of ailments, and therefore it may not be such as surprise that seniors, with their fair share of illnesses and conditions are the fastest growing consumers of CBD oil.

The growing popularity of CBD oil has led to extensive debate about the medicinal use of cannabis. As a result, consuming cannabis as an alternative to mainstream treatments has become well known among seniors. This is a positive change according to cannabis advocates, who say decriminalizing cannabis would help a lot of age-related ailments to be controlled, or even cured.

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The Benefits

Many seniors report wonderful benefits from taking CBD oil as a daily supplement. Some claim the ailments and conditions that typically affect an aging body that have been eased and even cured using CBD.

One of the most commonplace health problems that affect the elderly is arthritis. Many seniors are using CBD products to reduce their aches and inflammation of by adding CBD oil as part of their daily routine. Apart from its beneficial effects on arthritis and joint pain, research indicates that CBD oil can help manage chronic pain and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Another condition that is common among older population is difficulty sleeping. CBD oil seems to have a calming effect on the body, helping users relax and sleep.

Aside from offering a good night’s sleep, CBD oil can also positively affect the immune system. Since aging has a negative impact on the function of the immune system, CBD products can benefit aging adults, and indeed, adults of all ages.

Research also suggests the cannabidiol compound may protect and even restore the brain, working as a neuroprotectant. This an important reason why CBD oil is of benefit to seniors to help against cerebral aging.

The Research

The benefits of taking cannabis has been reported widely in independent media and by social media users in recent years. Cannabis activists are eager to get their message about the benefits of cannabis out there, and stop the stigma relating to the plant.

Surveys and research are still in early stages, but so far results demonstrate the campaigners could be right.

One survey revealed the consumption of CBD has increased by more than 250 percent among the senior population, and by 58 percent within the age group approaching menopause. This indicates an increased demand for CBD products is in line with the increasing support for legalizing cannabis.

Sadly, when seniors experience the benefits and helpful effects of CBD oil, they fathom that they have probably been lied to, and consider the ban on cannabis an incorrect view of the plant. As a result, the campaign of decriminalizing cannabis is likely to continue to rise.

Benefits to Society

The use of CBD oil among the elderly can help society as a whole, as recent research reveals since the use of cannabidiol products has increased, the demand for prescribed medication has decreased.  This trend can benefit anyone, but especially seniors whose medical needs are often expensive due to the many health concerns that are age related.

In Switzerland, public officials listened to the citizens and agreed to the medical and supplemental use of CBD. They put the individual’s right to a life that doesn’t include pain and suffering over the means of removing the misery of pain.  This has led to Switzerland being among the leading countries in medical cannabis experience and research.

If the popularity of CBD products continues, public healthcare expenses are likely to decline, as more conditions are treated legally with medical cannabis.

Should Seniors Try CBD Oil?

Jillian Russel, who cares for dozens of elderly people in a residential setting at Lovat House, considers they should. “CBD oil is totally natural, and, in our home, we have seen no harmful side effects. This isn’t always the case with prescription medicines. Studies on CBD oil have shown positive results managing many conditions and illnesses, so why not support our most defenceless citizens to give CBD oil a go? There really is nothing to lose.”

Using CBD for medicinal purposes can be a provocative topic, because of anti-cannabis hype presented from apparently plausible sources. This is why it is important to research the subject thoroughly yourself. 

Please Note

It is important to realise the endocannabinoid system is extremely complex and way beyond the scope of this article, and as a result, CBD won’t have the same effects on each individual. Factors such as weight, diet, age, amount you exercise, and existing health issues affect the body’s assimilation of CBD. While we may all see varied results, a common denominator is any side effects are mild and CBD can be considered completely safe.

CBD is not a panacea to all the diseases in the world, but it does characterise a completely natural and dietary supplement, with the ability to bring balance to the body. It offers a sense of wellbeing further enhanced by a healthy diet, regular exercise, drinking lots of water, and where necessary, supplementing with vitamins.

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