From Sweepstakes Casinos to Fashion Houses – How to Create a Community Around Your Brand Through Social Media

The value of building a social media community around your brand must not be underestimated for whatever type of industry you wish to enter and which

The value of building a social media community around your brand must not be underestimated for whatever type of industry you wish to enter and whichever kind of business you aim to set up and maintain.

Revealed on this page are several useful tips for building an online community around your brand, including several proven performing best practices that are commonly used by some of the world’s most successful companies. 

What exactly is a social media community?

Digital social media communities are online groups of people who typically come together to share common interests, attitudes, goals, and experiences. They can do so via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, to name a few. 

Social media communities can also interact via online forums, chat rooms and other online groups, and it’s the social media marketing companies that help to facilitate thriving online communities by encouraging communities to engage with one another in various ways. 

From sweepstakes casinos to fashion houses – why creating a community around your brand through social media is important

Whether you’re looking to manage and operate the top US sweepstakes casino sites or major fashion houses, there’s so much value in establishing and then growing your social media community. Communities are important for brands today for several reasons, including the following:

  • To attract more followers/customers/members and increase retention/conversion rates
  • To actively promote engagement among your followers
  • To improve the level of trust in your brand – the trustworthiness of a brand is of vital importance
  • To inspire creativity and foster new ideas that can be beneficial to your brand
  • To increase brand visibility and recognition across multiple platforms/social networking sites
  • To help create growth and brand affinity among a wider audience

Best ways to build an online community

Building a successful online community takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. It’s not something that can be achieved overnight and is a never-ending process. 

Here are some useful proven-performing techniques you can use to try to build your online social community, some of which are much easier to implement than others. Also, while most of these techniques are either free or relatively cheap, other techniques may cost money. 

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at several things you can try to build your online community and help your business grow. 

Get involved with your community

Hiding yourself won’t help your business grow. Today, consumers want to know the name and face behind a business, so try to involve yourself in your online community conversations. It adds to the integrity of your mission and makes your operation appear far more transparent, open, and trustworthy. 

Don’t forget to invite friends, colleagues and relatives

Friends, colleagues, and relatives can also help your online communities grow. Getting just a few people you know and trust to follow and support your business can lead to an untold number of potential customers eventually following your brand. 

They can help with the occasional posts and hopefully share any content added to your website and socials. They can also help improve the credibility of your brand and help get it more widely recognised. 

Don’t just use one form of social networking

Your brand will never grow if you stick to growing your online community on just one social networking site like Facebook. You will need to broaden your horizons and use others, like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and many others. 

Even if you personally don’t like using one or more of these social media sites, followers of your brand might prefer using them, so grow your community by using as many of these mediums as possible. 

You may also find that Facebook might not work as much for your brand as TikTok, or that Twitter is better for your brand than Instagram, and so on. 

Final note

Several other things you can do to help grow your online following and expand your business are things like researching and then implementing social employer pages, social interaction CTAs (calls to action), and using hashtags. 

It would help if you also considered using cross-promotion techniques, creating goodwill gestures, using online and real-world events that your followers can attend and potentially benefit from, and always responding to your community as quickly as possible and in a polite, cheerful, informative, and friendly way.

Finally, where possible, use memes, images, quotes, emojis, and GIFs, and make an effort to try to connect with other influencers by reaching out to them to either ask for advice or team up with them. They might be able to help you grow your community in ways you never thought possible. 

Other key takeaways are things like getting your followers to discuss hot/popular topics, getting them to engage with each other, and monitoring reactions to what works and doesn’t work with your audience. The aim is to try and provide value to your community, which will, in turn, provide value to your brand. 

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