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What do Ghost Followers mean on Instagram?

One thing is very clear, that having a lot of followers on any Instagram account is considered as a success. People believe that Instagram accounts wi

One thing is very clear, that having a lot of followers on any Instagram account is considered as a success. People believe that Instagram accounts with huge fan followings are trustable. There was a time when the only number matters a lot but now many people like me ask either these followers are real or not. Man brands are making alliances with social media influencers. They use influencer’s popularity to reach out to their target audience and hence earn some decent profit. But on the other hand, the influencers that have fake followers or followers with inactive accounts can harm your brand loyalty and credible. So be careful about them. The perfect way to find out that either the Instagram followers are real or fake is to look at the comment section of every post. If an account has followers in millions but still their content is poor with 2,3 repeated comments under every post, it means they have fake followers and don’t you dare to trust on these accounts.

In this article, I am going to tell you what does ghost follower’s means on Instagram and how can they affect the credibility of any Instagram account. Let’s have a look at them.

What are Ghost followers?

The term ghost followers are used for fake or inactive Instagram followers. Suppose you have seen an Instagram account that has followers in millions, but the active followers are just 100 in numbers. That means the rest of the followers are fake or bot followers. People started using bot followers back in the year 2017. These followers generate automatic likes and comments. The comments of bot followers are always the same with a similar hashtag. For example, you can figure out that the followers are bot if they are commentating “Nice post dear” under almost every post. Or in case they are demanding you to follow them back. Beware of Ghost and Bot followers, they can ruin your authenticity and people will not trust you anymore.

Well, I believe a couple of ghost or bot followers doesn’t harm anyone, but if an Instagram account have ghost followers in hundreds and thousands, it is wrong at so many levels. And it can have a huge impact on content engagement. Let me tell you in detail why ghost followers are bad, and what harm they can cause you. Give it a read very carefully.

Why Ghost Followers are bad for your Instagram account?

The biggest drawback of ghost followers is that people will start questioning the credibility or certain Instagram account. For example, if an account has 2 lac followers and every post of it get 50-60 likes, won’t it raise the question in your mind about its authenticity. I am sure you will guess the other inactive followers are none other than ghost followers. In addition to that companies and brand who are buying ghost or Bot followers, they will lose their brand loyalty and surely a huge chunk of their clients. People will start questioning the authenticity of your brand. I believe in shortcuts as well but I would never recommend any brand to buy ghost or Bot followers. Instead, you can invest in some other ways to attract a maximum number of followers.

Ghost followers are equally harmful to Instagram influencers as well. They are a threat to the credibility of influencers as different brands make an alliance with Instagram influencers to sell the products to their respective target audience. Once a brand will get to know about ghost or Bot followers they will never trust that influencer again. So if you are an influencer be aware. Don’t lose your authenticity.

How to Get Rid Of Ghost followers?

Many of you must have released by now that how can ghost followers affect your authenticity, in case you want to remove ghost followers right now from your follower’s list, then don’t worry am listing own three easy ways of doing so.

Remove Followers manually:

You can simply go to the follower’s list of your account and delete every ghost follower. It might be little time taking but I am sure you won’t regret that. It’s the simplest way of removing ghost followers.

Tools To Detect and Remove Ghost Followers:

Luckily now we have different tools that can help you to detect and remove Instagram ghost followers. Tools like Free Instagram Audit is absolutely free for use. It is so simple and user-friendly. You just need to enter the Instagram account name and it will detect the ghost or fake followers. And will give you the ratio of followers engagement on your content.

Once you have discovered that your account has ghosts followers remove them by using one of a most authentic tool named as “simply measure”.

Why do we need to Buy Instagram followers?

You cannot debate the fact that having more followers on Instagram makes your account an authentic one. People get attracted to your account quickly and they believe what you are saying. The only important thing is these all followers should be real and active accounts. In case you are a new blogger or Instagram influencer and you want to increase your followers quickly, then one of the best way to buy them from the best and credible website. There are some authentic websites that will give you 100 percent real followers and all of them are surely active accounts. One of the most authentic and trustworthy website for buying Instagram followers in smmpoint.com. They make sure that all the followers you get are real. Take my words you will not regret after buying followers from smmpoint.com. Investing a little on your Instagram profile will not hurt you. So visit the official website of smmpoint.com right now, and get some real and active followers.


That’s a wrap everyone. I guess I have covered all the important aspects related to ghost followers and surely it will be helpful for you. In case you want to ask me something related to ghost followers, please comment below.

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