Difference between Moderates and Extremists

The major difference between moderates and extremists is the degree to which they hold by their views. We meet people in our day to day life; some of

The major difference between moderates and extremists is the degree to which they hold by their views. We meet people in our day to day life; some of them have extreme views and some with milder views. They are considered as extremists and moderates. The person goes beyond the expected and normal is an extremist. The moderates, on the other hand, have milder views, they are not extreme with their actions. The extremists or moderates can be leaders, politicians, religious groups, etc. So here we have separated the extremists and moderates based on differences.

Who are Moderates?

A person having a moderate view is considered to be moderate. Such a person does not possess extreme values, views, and actions. However, with the political and religious views that individual can be identified. You’ll never find them in radical acts. For instance, in the political era, the moderates come up with the social reforms that do not result in radical outcomes. Moderates never go beyond the norms and values of society. These people stay within their framework.

When speaking about religious views, in today’s world, activities by religious extremists are quite common. But in most of the common religion, it is suggested to follow the moderate path. The lifestyle and ideals should be moderate so that there will be no chaos in life. The extremists are said to be quite different from the moderates.

Who are Extremists?

The person with extreme views and thoughts are considered to be extremists. Just as moderates, extremists can be seen in politics and religious endeavours. As compared to the moderates, extremist does not stay within the value of the system. They usually go beyond the norms of an extreme level. Without any doubt, some of the extremists with their views can be considered to be irrational and incorrect by the majority. It can be said that they have a strong devotion towards the system of belief which engages them in the other activities. Extremists do have a positive perspective towards life and they sometimes bring out to be the best.

What is the major differences between Extremists and Moderates?

  • An extremist holds the extreme views
  • A moderates hold the milder views
  • Extremists go beyond the thoughts
  • Moderates stay within the value system
  • Extremists a use go with violence
  • Moderates hate the idea of violence
  • Extremists may be viewed as irrational
  • The moderate has a clear vision of ideas and morality
  • The line of moral and immoral can be blurred in the action of extremists

So here is some major difference between extremists and moderates. Extremists are the people with new ideas but they only know whether it is rational or irrational. Moderates are extremely opposite to them and they never got beyond the value and system. Well! It can be said that who is good or bad. Some time the extremists have those ideas which can be beneficial and moderates staying in the values can believe in themselves or can be said they can never be wrong. Staying in values can be more beneficial as compared to the extremists, as they can have both irrational and rational.

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