7 stunning lighting ideas for your backyard and kitchen

Considering revamping your backyard for the summer? Or is your backyard too dark for a stroll or a family gathering? A strategized method of lighting

Considering revamping your backyard for the summer? Or is your backyard too dark for a stroll or a family gathering? A strategized method of lighting can transform your yard into a comfortable outdoor sanctuary. The style you pick depends mainly on your outdoor space or access to power. Let us have a look at a few fascinating ideas that will illuminate your backyard and allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.

1.    Create a Moonlight effect

Utilize the tall trees for a bright moon effect in your yard. Place the lights on top of a tree, and let it face downwards. The light filters through the leaves and the branches and radiates the ground below. It is a gentle and natural kind of lighting that people seek, to enhance the visual image of their backyards.

2.    String lights, everywhere!

It is a charming way to add lights in your garden, all you must do is string them up, and plug them in. It is such a simple idea, and you can light your way to the backdoor. These string lights can be strung along your fence, or wrapped around tree trunks. Miniature string lights hanging from the trees look fantastic, making your backyard look like a Christmas tree. 

3.    Glowing furniture?

 Setting up glow in the dark furniture in your backyard solves the issue of installing lights and decorative items. Inserted with LED lights, these pieces of furniture work as an excellent illuminator.

4.    DIY Glass candles

Don’t discard those wine bottles! You can make torches out of them, and it is worth the effort. A wick, some lamp oil, and a few wine bottles are all you need. Mason jars tied with simple strings, or wires, can turn into rustic candle holders that look beautiful when suspended on trees. 

5.   Chinese Lanterns for a festive look

Hang these Chinese lanterns to give your backyard a festive look. You can save them for a special occasion, or a specific season, as you fancy. You can also hang the lanterns with grapevines, and merge miniature string lights for a stunning effect.

6.    Portable lanterns

These lanterns are a superb addition to your patios. They can be kept on the doorstep to light the pathway to your dinner tables outside. If you have tons of trees, you can hang these lanterns on the branches. They come in an extensive array of designs, and you can choose between candles or LED lights.

7.    Pendants

If you have a special area in your backyard, pendant lights are a fantastic way to shed some light on your outdoor activities. If your yard has a separate porch where you relax, you could fix a pendant for extra light or decoration. 

Lighting Ideas for your Kitchen

To boost the overall décor of your kitchen, adequate lighting is a must. Your kitchen must be lit at the right places so that it enhances the space and highlights other elements as well. Lighting is the simplest way to transform your kitchen. From pendants to chic Edison bulbs, to chandeliers, here are a few exquisite ways to illuminate your kitchen. 

  1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are an ideal approach to glam up your kitchen. Mainly used for accent lighting, a stylish chandelier can become the centerpiece of your kitchen. Chandeliers are also a perfect choice for dining room lighting if the area is adjacent to the kitchen.

2.    Multiple level lightings

A bulky statement light can diminish the other areas of the kitchen. Multiple level lighting can make life easier by creating several layers of light using recessed lighting, cabinet lighting, and pendants. Multiple lighting splits the light to every corner of the room and highlights all the essential areas.

  1. Lighting in the kitchen cabinets

Add some LED lights under the cabinets for a path to a late-night snack. You can install some lights inside the cabinets, to keep it organized and beautiful, especially if they are made of glass. Placing sensors will switch on the lights when you open the cabinets.

  1. Recessed lighting

Some homeowners think pendants are extra clutter, hence for a cleaner look, try recessed lights. It is great for particularly low ceilings. It is a form of ambient lighting. It makes the kitchen look bigger and is the best choice for you if you want your fitting as invisible as possible. There are plenty of different types of recessed lights to choose from available on the market.

  1. Globe lighting

Globe lanterns can make a kitchen look impressive and exotic. It is a form of traditional lighting used stylishly. Globes are glamorous and elegant. You can spice up your kitchen with colourful glass globe pendants, that your neighbours will envy. Distorted, geometric, or hand-blown glass pendants look unique and extraordinary. You can paint these glass pendants according to your choice, for a different colored light.

6.    Rose gold orbs

Rose-gold coloured iPhones, laptops, and pens… It’s a trend. And why not? It looks gorgeous on everything. The color affiliates with wealth and modification. This sophisticated metal feature will add a modern touch and brightness to your kitchen décor. It is a fantastic way to add some style into your kitchen.

7.    Kitchen island lighting

It merely depends on the size of the island top. You can attach 3 pendants above the island, and one above the kitchen sink. Strategically you can suspend multi-light pendants as well, providing an enchanting magic cluster effect. 

Recognizing the essential points of the kitchen is crucial to ensure it has proper brightness. It is one of the busiest areas in the house, and so, it must look attractive and inviting at the same time.