John Eilermann St. Louis Talks About The Top Things To Do In The City

There are numerous reasons that make the Midwestern city of St. Louis, Missouri a perfect tourist destination, as well as an ideal place to set up a r

There are numerous reasons that make the Midwestern city of St. Louis, Missouri a perfect tourist destination, as well as an ideal place to set up a residence in. John Eilermann St. Louis says that there are many activities found in the city that people can engage in, during their holidays or even on the weekends. The vibrant culture and environment of this city make it a perfect home for lively individuals.

John Eilermann St. Louis discusses the key highlights of the city

Whether people are interested in art, music, sports or food, there is something to do for every person at the St. Louis city of Missouri. While tourists can find numerous renowned landmarks here, St. Louis residents can engage in several activities to keep themselves busy during the weekends.  John Eilermann St. Louis mentions that the best things to do in the city include:

  • Spending a day at the Forest Park: The magnificent Forest Park of St. Louis is the home to several important landmarks, many of them having absolutely no entrance fee. The landmarks featured here include the St. Louis Zoo, History Museum, as well as the Art Museum. The shows of Shakespeare in the Park are also often held here. This Forest Park is spread over an expansive area of 1,293 acres, and is among the largest urban parks in the nation. People can find opportunities to engage in baseball, golf, tennis, biking, and rollerblading at this park as well.

  • Taking a walk along the Lindell Boulevard: Talking a nice walk along this region would especially be a good idea for history enthusiasts and lovers of architecture. The Lindell Boulevard area houses several enchanting mansions that feature incredible architecture and designing.

  • Visiting the Vintage Vinyl: Every music lover should surely try to visit the Vintage Vinyl store present at St. Louis, Missouri. It has been named as one of the top record stores of the nation by a renowned magazine, and has been providing people with the opportunity to buy and sell used albums for decades. At the Vintage Vinyl store, people can flip through the covers of various music albums and cherish the nostalgia of older, simpler times.

  • Checking out the Soulard farmers market: This farmers market of St. Louis has a certain chic and hip feel to it. This market was opened in the year 1779 and is considered to be the best place to get a bottle of Bloody Mary in the city.

  • Marveling at the Cahokia Mounds: The Cahokia Mounds is famed for being among the largest archaeological sites present in the region of North America ,and has quite an interesting history attached to it. These mounds can be found across the Mississippi River and are believed to have been built for distinctive civic and religious purposes.

  • Catching a Cardinals game: John Eilermann St. Louis especially underlines that people visiting the city, or even residing in it should definitely catch a Cardinals game once in their lifetime. The St. Louis Cardinals are considered to be one of the best professional baseball teams of America, and catching their match on their home ground can be an incredible experience for people.

In addition to engaging in the activities mentioned above, at St. Louis people should also try to catch a show at its Municipal Theatre Association and visit the Left Bank Books store.