Is ‘WD 40’ Safe to Use on Car Paint – WD 40 Uses on Cars

The fact about cars is that everyone likes neat and clean cars, even an old car model in neat condition will grab your attention. Most of the car own

The fact about cars is that everyone likes neat and clean cars, even an old car model in neat condition will grab your attention. Most of the car owners won’t care about their car parts getting rusty and dusty. They won’t realize that continuous fall of dust, grime, and dirt can actually affect the car performance. Most of the car main parts are metallic in material, these pats can get rust easily. You need a WD40 spray to take care of your car by protecting your vehicle parts by spraying this solution. Some ou might be familiar with the WD 40 yet still have some misconceptions about this formula. Questions like Is WD 40 safe to use on car paint or not? and many other queries. 

Is WD40 Safe for Car Paint?

YES, spraying on WD40 is safe for your vehicle paint either its a car, truck, or any other. WD stands for water displacement, it is supposed to remove moisture and other dirt particles off the metallic surface.  In simple words, you can spray on WD40 on almost every part of your vehicle, especially metallic parts. 

Why Use a WD40 on Car Paintwork?

Basically, WD40 is an oily solution spray, most of the car detailers and owners use WD40 to protect their car from grime and grease. Dirt mixed with grease can affect the car surface in a bad way to damage the paint as well. Spraying on WD 40 on car paint will remove sticky grease and dust off the car’s paint surface.

Does WD 40 Remove Scratches from Car?

This is one of the popular frequently asked questions, people want to know that if WD40 can remove car scratches? Yes, spraying on WD40 will help you in removing all minor scratches off your car surface. It has hydrocarbons in it to help the solution fill all scratches and remove every scuff mark off the auto paint surface.  

Benefits of Using WD 40

Most of the car owners are not aware of the benefits and advantages of a WD40. It is necessary to let all of you know how much WD 40 can help when it comes to auto care. 

1- Cleaning a Spark Plug

Some of you might be experiencing your engine misfiring, the reason is dirty and uncleaned spark plugs. You would be surprised to know that spraying on WD40 can actually clean your spark plugs without any damage or risk. 

2- Eliminating Dirt

The mixture of grease and dirt is something hard to remove when sticks on your car. WD 40 is a specially formulated solution with some powerful ingredients to remove all kinds of grime and greasy particles off the car.

Remember that WD 40 is not a car wash soap which means you can’t use it to wash your car to bring high gloss shine and clean look. You’ll have to go through the best car wash soap products reviews to choose one car cleaning soap to provide a professional car wash service to your vehicle. 

3- Remove Oily Particles

Sticky oil mixed with dust can affect the performance of your car. Most probably, the oily and dust will attack at your car’s exhaust pipes. Spraying the WD 40 on all oily auto parts will eliminate oil without damaging the surface. 

4- Kick Insects Away

Insects love to hide under car seats and no one would want insects to stay in the car. In order to remove insects, you have to spray WD 40 in all corners, unreachable, and dark areas of the car will force insects to leave your car.

5- Tires Protection

Car tires full of mud make the whole car look rough and dirty, its recommended to clean your tires as doing so might increase the life of auto tires. By the way, you can use WD 40 on car tires and wheel cups as well to remove mud dust and spots.

6- Auto Parts Lubrication

WD 40 acts as a lubricating agent so why not use this spray to lubricate your car parts like nuts, bolts, hinges, etc? All you have to do is to spray on every car area where you have to lubricate your car part. You can use WD 40 on hood hinges, car doors, gas tank lid, and many other auto parts where one may need to lubricate.

7- Anti Rust Protection

All of us know that with the passage of time, paint or any metallic surface may get rust due to different reasons. The nuts, bolts, and many other metallic parts of engine and car might be getting rust and will start affecting your car performance which is why you need to use WD 40. WD 40 provides metallic protection against corrosion and rust.

We’ve discussed some of the core advantages of using a WD40, there are many other benefits of WD 40 for the protection of car paint and other auto parts. Moreover, all of us know that extreme weather conditions affect on the rubber parts like gaskets, windshield wipers, etc. Spraying on WD40 on such rubber areas will also provide protection to the rubber from weather attacks.


On a short concluding note, we can say that WD 40 is safe for cars. You can use WD 40 on almost every part of your vehicle to remove dust, grime, and grease. We came to know that WD 40 is such a powerful lubricating and degreaser agent one can use to protect all car parts. Also, WD 40 can clean spark plugs, exhaust pipes, hinges, lids, nuts, bolts, and almost every key part of the car. In the end, it is recommended to choose WD40 if you want to keep your car parts protected.