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How to Write SEO Optimized Blog Post

SEO is search engine optimization that means if your page is being visited by a large sum of people or if they are finding it informative or interesti

SEO is search engine optimization that means if your page is being visited by a large sum of people or if they are finding it informative or interesting. In such cases, Google will add it into their search engine. In order to achieve this goal, you have to write such posts that are receiving attention of people and is in accord to their interest. More the people visit it the more likely are the chances to pursue Google to add this into their top search. There are some many seo tools available to check the quality of your blog posts. For you to write posts on your blog that will be SEO optimized following techniques can be used:

Plan before you start writing and create a structure

It is necessary in every kind of writing to think and plan ahead of time while structure involves how different parts in the post will be defined.

Research and design the content for the post

To reach the SEO ranking, first, you have to form a proper strategy. Looking for the Keywords and knowing about the needs of the consumers, what are their queries, what type of content are they searching or looking for, can be an important factor in this perspective. Then you can design a certain strategy where they can get answer to their questions. This will indeed help in targeting more traffic to your site. Pay a good attention to your content and do not lose attention, also keep in mind the requirements of the readers and use the language that is easier for them.

Content should be comprised of a huge variety of different aspects between being simple, coherent, plagiarism free, entertaining, emotional it should also be educational, inspiring, novel and practical in its design. But it does not mean to incorporate all other keywords into your post instead you just have to focus on 2-3 keywords, this will help you in remaining more focused. It is a technique to use these keywords in proper places in a post for better results. Use headliners in a strategical and natural way so that it will grasp the eyesight of the reader and will force them to read it thoroughly.

Image description

Posts should not only be comprised of written content but it should also contain some pictures that will help you in explaining your content. Make sure to fill the information regarding pictures,if any, in your blog.

Use of proper headings

It will be effective to use different title heading tags and subheading in your long posts as it will organize the data into a useful hierarchy. Use the headings properly and it is better to keep your paragraphs short.

Importance of good message body

Even if you use all those techniques, still the main variable behind success is how well you have written your post. Your post have to be appealing for your readers. Your post should be reliable, relevant and original but its readability should not be compromised and your text has to be pleasant and easy to read. These posts should be written in a way that people would like to share with others.

Provide a subscribing opportunity for readers

Include options that will allow the users to subscribe to your blog this will help them to have an instant notification through mail, whenever you post a new idea. This will let them have this opportunity to check periodically your site if there is any new content.

Mobile friendly blogs

Since the beginning of recent decade, use of mobile phones has increased exponentially as compared to PCs or laptops but yet still there are some blogs that are not available on mobile. For your blog or posts to reach a huge audience you should keep in mind the variable of being mobile friendly.

Mention internal links

If you have written about some specific topic already in,you’re any blog post already on any other blog post you can mention or link to it internally.

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By optimizing the web page quality, you will make your blog even more visible to other people, looking for the specific keywords that are associated with your content or idea via Google.

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