Best Countries for Summer Vacation In 2019

Of course, whenever summer is around the corner, people tend to pick up their belongings to run to places where they will enjoy the sun and ease off t

Of course, whenever summer is around the corner, people tend to pick up their belongings to run to places where they will enjoy the sun and ease off the pressure of work. Now, there is one significant thing here. Many countries that experience cold and snowing during winter will automatically have the sun and bright weather during the summer. So, this will turn them into perfect destinations for summer holidays. Because of this, the number of countries that are actually very good destinations for summer holidays becomes much. The problem of choice will now set in.

The truth is that many of the Asian, African, European countries and some from other continents will make great summer holiday destinations. But there are some places and countries that stand out amongst the many. Below is a list of the best countries where you can enjoy your 2019 summer vacation. Stick to these, and you will enjoy an amazing vacation this year.

7 Best Summer Holiday Destinations

  • Bermuda
  • Thailand
  • Florida Keys
  • Grenada
  • Cape Verde
  • Cambodia
  • Canada


Of course, whenever you talk about beauty and grace, this country will come up. This is a very amazing island in the north Atlantic, and it succeeded in hosting the 2017 edition of America’s cup. For this summer, there are many things you will enjoy here. They have up to eight major sails and a brand new regatta to carry out from March to July. So, if you happen to be here by that time, it will be fun all the way. The island built its hotel, first in 45 years, last year and it is called Loren. You need to experience this.


This is the crème of South East Asia, and it has maintained that position in tourism. The thing that makes it one of the best destinations for you this summer is the fact that it is still very much affordable. But it does not end here; many hotels were newly opened in the island in late 2017. They include the Anayara Luxury Retreat Panwa Resort, which is standing over the Chalong Bay, and some series in the Rosenwood luxury hotel chain. You can enjoy a new lease of life here.

Florida Keys

Surely, while picking the countries to enjoy your 2019 summer vacation, you must concentrate on the new things you will experience in these locations, and not just the old overstretched fun. The Florida Keys was hit by the hurricane in September. But to show the world that the 125-mile island is very resilient, it is re-opened the Mooring Village and Spa in January.  There is a new amphitheater to be opened. The Playa Largo Resort and Spa opened in 2016 and will be welcoming more guests now.  There is also an adults-only all-inclusive resort to open on the island, and it is named the Bungalows Key Largo. You need to be among the first to experience this.


Now, one of the things that have been a problem to the Caribbean islands is the hurricanes. But the good point is that whenever this happens, most of the islands will come up with even better locations and attractions. The hurricane of last fall did a blow on the Grenada islands. But that did not destroy the spirit. There are many new things on offer after the island was rebuilt. There is the chance for snorkeling at the first underwater sculpture park in the world. People can tour the nutmeg factories too. And in March, the all-new SilverSands Grenada would be launched. Its sleek oceanfront suites are irresistible, coupled with the 330-foot-pool. So, you need to come here this summer.


Cape Verde

There is a need to bring you to an amazing place that has been in existence for a very long time, which you have not learned about because of lack of proper publicity. It is the country called Cape Verde. You will not only enjoy a great cultural fusion, you will also enjoy amazing sun and brightness. Here, African, Brazilian and Iberian cultures are mixed. This West African country has up to 10 islands with amazing pristine beaches and some great outdoor attractions. The feeling of home and culture will make you so peaceful when you come here. Here, you will enjoy the local melodic music of all genres. There are waterfront towns, volcanic peaks, pastel houses, hiking trails, deep ravines, dragon trees, and lava fields to view, experience, and enjoy. You need to be here.


Now, when you want a western location that looks great all year round, you need to come to Banff in Canada. It looks good all through the entire seasons and exceptional during the summer.  Here, you will experience the natures Rockies, and enjoy kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing and many other outdoor activities. One thing to enjoy here is the minimum crowd that is always witnessed even in the peak periods of July and August.


This is another country that will do you well in this summer. Apart from the amazing Botum Sakor National Park, there are many other locations with attractions that you can enjoy when you come. The dense green forest of the park, the elephant corridor, the rare birds, the saltwater crocs, the waterfalls, and the new eco-oriented camps made with tents will amaze you. Come this summer, the Bansley collection named the Shinta Mani Wild will open at the river valley in the Southern Cardamom National Park located west of the park. This place will also offer you fun.

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