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What Is The Fastest Way To Improve My Brand Awareness? (How To Overtake The Competition)

If you want customers to visit your site frequently, buy your products, or even know that you exist, you have to make it happen. Unfortunately, it’s

If you want customers to visit your site frequently, buy your products, or even know that you exist, you have to make it happen. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as starting a business, building a website, and then expecting the masses to come flooding in.

Brand awareness is the key. Here’s how to effectively build yours and outshine the competition…

What is brand awareness?

To begin, let’s take a look at what we mean by brand awareness. The term brand awareness refers to the level that the public, or your customer base, is aware of your business or products. The goal of increasing this awareness is to familiarise people with your company and its goods or services which can have several positive results:

  • Brand loyalty
  • Repeat custom
  • Increased recognition
  • Out-selling the competition
  • More customers seeking you out (instead of you having to chase them down)

Ways to improve brand awareness

Now that you can see how building up your brand awareness can benefit you, it is time to consider how you can easily achieve this:

1. Do your research and react accordingly

Brand awareness is at the top of any marketing funnel, so if you want to find out how to increase your awareness you should know what your customers actually want from you.

The right SEO agency can work out the very best keyword search terms based on relevancy, competition, and conversion rate, and then help build a long-term content creation strategy around that data.  

2. Build a brand that people will remember

Before you can increase brand awareness you should come up with a brand that is recognizable. Think of the brands that really stand out in your mind – the iconic yellow arches and the Swoosh are great examples.

You should identify your brand voice, your font, your aesthetic and your logo. Anything that can make you stand out from the crowd!  

But make sure you choose wisely; pay attention to colour psychology and find a way to truly resonate with your audience. Starting from scratch and re-doing your entire brand identity down the line will be time and resource intensive.

3. Tell a great story

People will remember you better if you have a great story to tell. Use a narrative to explain who you are and how you came to be, but more importantly what you do for others.

Use videos, pictures, and whatever tools you have at your disposal to show the public the value in your story and your product, and you will become far more memorable.

Good storytelling is the very fabric that binds us all together and it’s the key to creating memorable and long-lasting brands.

4. Get out there and engage

Creating shareable content, using targeted ads, and engaging on social media are all excellent ways to get out there and start promoting your brand. You should also consider the immense value of email marketing – and indeed developing a long-term SEO strategy with high-quality, valuable, and engaging content.

Continue to spread your brand awareness online by being present and active and you’ll have a much easier time of attracting and retaining customers.

So, how can you overtake the competition?

The best way to overtake the competition and come out on top is to combine all of these strategies and invest heavily in providing superior value through quality content creation.

Create a memorable brand, find out what it is that your customers really need, and engage with them across multiple platforms and in different mediums.

Establishing a memorable brand in such a saturated market place might feel like a towering impossibility, however, if you go about it right, it’s actually far more realistic and achievable than you might imagine.

Be authentic, offer value, show up consistently, and be the authority.