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How to Optimize for Voice Search – Complete Guide

In the modern era of technology, more and more people are doing voice searches as they find voice search more convenient as compared to the traditiona

In the modern era of technology, more and more people are doing voice searches as they find voice search more convenient as compared to the traditional one.  Even a search says that till 2020, 50 % of people will use voice searches to conduct Google searches.

That is why local search marketers, companies, and small business need to be thinking about voice search optimization.

Here, you will get an idea of “how SEOs can start thinking about a new way of searches or voice searches ”.

Search engines mainstream were first introduced in the 1990’s and people starts entering keywords to find out the information they need. But on the other hand, people go to the next step and now they use voice searches which are like conversational and natural in tone as they just have to speak. Voice searches are typically longer than that of the text keywords. Thus a website rank should be according to those keywords used in voice searches to make a business visible on the internet.

According to a reputed SEO company Tangensys, here are some tips which can help you to optimize your website for voice searches –

  1. Find out related keywords :

First of all, find out the keywords what are people searching for? This will make your task much easier than ever. Start searching using voices rather than text to find out related keywords for your website. This makes you get to know that the length of the keywords increases as you just ask your search engine to get information in a conversational manner.

Like “If you want to ask about “ Pizza service near you” then you will speak like “do you know about any good Pizza delivery service near me”. This is how entered keywords changes as you use traditional search or voice searches.

Whether you are working with a machine but voice searches make one to have humanistic behavior. That is why usually when you do voice searches, entered keywords length gets increased.

  1. Conversational keywords :

Now keywords are no longer will be the keywords, these have become the conversational sentences. Thus you need a keyword strategy which is conversational in nature. You can think in a way that what customers can ask you about your business when they will call you. This will help you to find out the keywords for your business websites so that you can have great online traffic on your business.

  1. Claim your Google my business listing :

If you have not claim your business in Google business listing yet then what are you waiting for? It is just the right time to claim your business or company’s website for my business listing.

Voice searches are higher in local queries. So if you want that your customer can easily find you then you need to add your company information in the simple or local text in the footer of the site. This will make people find you easily.  And keep them up to date so that your local customers can reach to you with ease.

  1. Create FAQ page for your website :

Creating FAQ page is a great way to make your business visible that focus on the queries which a person can ask a company. You should try to group common questions so that a customer can reach to you easily when he does voice searches.

Make sure that you should create FAQ or phrases based on conversational language not just based on the keywords makes your company visible on the Google search listing. While it may seem to be a daunting and weary task as you need to create the content around those semantic questions which people can ask related to your business in “voice searches”.

Like in case of voice searches, a voice searcher will ask a question like “where I can get best waterproof camera that can work underwater” while on the other hand, a text searcher will write “ Best waterproof camera ” thus you should need to create FAQ page so that people can reach to you with ease.

  1. Optimize for mobile voice searches :

As the usage of the mobile phones is increasing day by day thus your website should be mobo-friendly as these days, half of the searches come from mobile phones and 20 percent of those searches are voice searches and the count is on the rise.

According to Google guidelines, your website should be mobile friendly with quicker loading. You can test your business website on Google mobile-friendly test tool. This will let you know about the performance of your business website so that more and more people can reach to your business and you will have more traffic on your business website.

This test tool will let you know about the steps which you have to take if your website’s performance is not good else if the website is mobile friendly then Google will say “ page is mobile friendly ”. This test tool will help you a lot.

  Author Bio:

Manish Kumar is a digital marketer and versed blogger. He has been working in this field for some time now and knows how to balance creativity and technical side of content. He loves to write blogs endlessly and share his knowledge & experiences with others. Presently he is working for an SEO Services provider company named Tangensys.com

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