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2 Tips for High School Students Taking Online Courses

Online learning has become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, and whereas at the beginning of the pandemic many of us were skeptical of online lea

Online learning has become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, and whereas at the beginning of the pandemic many of us were skeptical of online learning, nowadays we understand how effective it can be. 

The pandemic has proven that taking courses that count toward your degree at accredited fully online high schools can enrich your education. These online high schools offer courses and benefits that local high schools don’t. When you take grade 12 online courses in Ontario at the best accredited online high schools, for instance, you can study subjects like:

  • Canadian and international law 
  • Business leadership 
  • Data management 
  • Equity and social justice 
  • Kinesiology 

In addition to offering courses that your local school doesn’t, some online high schools offer benefits like:

  • Personalized attention
  • The chance to learn at your own pace
  • Full access to tutors 

Taking online courses at fully online high schools can be a more engaging and enjoyable process than taking courses at traditional brick-and-mortar high schools. More, it can give you a leg up on your peers and prepare you for further study at the post-secondary level. 

There are things students can do to leverage taking courses at accredited online high schools instead of (or in addition to) courses at their local high school. They can:

  1. Set up a study space
  2. Stay actively engaged in class

#1 SetUp a Study Space 

It’s easier to work from home when you set aside a dedicated workspace. If you’re fortunate to have an office at home, that’s perfect. If you don’t, choosing to work at, say, a desk in the den or even a couch in the living room can help. 

What’s most important is that you compartmentalize your work life by separating your workspace from the rest of your home. When you do so, you make it easier to stay focused when you’re working and enjoy life outside of work when you’re not. 

The same is true for high school students taking online courses. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have your own room for study and nothing else, even selecting a specific chair at the dining room table to study can help. When you finish studying, put away all your study material and, when you sit down at the dining room table again for a meal, sit on a different chair. 

Generally, working in bed is not a good idea

#2 Stay Actively Engaged in Class 

When you’re taking an online course, it can be easy to get distracted by the internet, especially when your camera is off. That’s why it’s so important that you make a conscious effort to stay engaged. Again, dedicating a place in your home for school is crucial. Go to class, so to speak, at the same place in your home that you study. You’ll feel like you’re at school. 

Also, keep your camera on. When you know you’re being watched, you’re more likely to pay attention.