Flambeau Outdoors BR189 Long Honker Goose Flute Review

Honker Goose Flute

Hunting always needs massive dedication individually or in groups. It takes plenty of hours with soaking wet, freezing, and shivering in the cold. In today’s world, a lot of hunting varieties are available.  Goose hunting is one of them and well-known to all hunters. In the US, goose hunters usually want to hunt migrating geese, especially coming from Canada. 

Great hunters use a piece of excellent hunting equipment to make their hunting more successful. They improve the level of hunting rate using a tough goose call. Indeed, it is such an outstanding hunting gear that allows the hunters to mimic the vocal of geese, and call them to come closer. It usually provides up to 20 distinct sounds to make different calls. 

If you don’t make the same sounds like a goose, you won’t be able to get success in hunting. Before that, you have to be an expert in geese languages by practicing the right goose call. Today, we are going to discuss Flambeau Outdoors BR189 Long Honker Goose Flute, one of the great all-round Goose calls for beginners. This goose call is perfect and can provide an excellent experience to the goose hunters.  

Review of Flambeau Outdoors BR189 Long Honker Goose Flute-SGB Camo

The Flambeau Outdoors BR189 Long Honker Goose Flute is the best goose call for beginners. It comes with a sturdy structure of high-quality materials. Also, this goose call is waterproof and suitable in every weather condition. Besides, this hunting gear includes some essential features for a goose hunter to make his hunting more successful. So, let’s see them all.    

Sturdy Structure

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Hunters who are willing to hunt geese want to have some helping gears with them. This goose call is made of high-quality plastic materials and ensures a sturdy structure. It is also all weather-resistant so that you can use it in any weather condition. Besides, the goose call is waterproof, so you need not worry about it falling into the water and getting damaged. Overall, it is a lightweight hunting gear weighing only 5.4 ounces. The dimensions of this product are 13.5 x 2 x 2 inches. 

Ergonomic Design

The goose call has been a favorite of goose hunters for a long time. It comes with an ergonomic design, featuring a Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo finish. So, this gear will easily mix with the surroundings, and geese won’t be able to recognize it. Also, geese cannot identify that the sounds are not authentic. Besides, the goose call neck has a long tone channel that allows air pressure to pass through the length of the flute. 

Excellent Functions

This USA made goose call performs a lot of excellent functions. It can perfectly capture the mellow tones of the Canada goose, which sounds really like a real goose. Also, the call features an O-ring seal that eliminates air leaks to make perfect goose call. You can use this gear for both long and short distance calling as well. 

Easy to use

This goose call is one of the easiest operating goose calls in the market. You can easily use and blow it to make sounds and attract the geese near you. When you are using this hunting assistance, you will be able to blow it only providing minimal air pressure. You can use it to call honkers as well. 


  • Comes with an easy way of blowing and operating
  • Provides mellow tunes of Canada goose
  • Requires minimal air pressure call
  • Ensures O-ring seal for eliminating air leaks
  • Features Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo finish


  • It might take plenty of air to make a call


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Your next hunting can be the most successful one if you choose the best goose call. Considering the outstanding features and consequences, you can select the Flambeau Outdoors BR189 Long Honker Goose Flute as the best goose call. 

However, when you are going to hunt geese, you can bring this goose call for having plenty of geese, mimicking sounds like an actual goose. Hopefully, this goose call won’t let you down. It will be your best selection for your upcoming hunting season.

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