Top 5 Flower and Gift Combos to Send Her on Birthday!

Flowers are always beautiful as a present, especially for her! Whether you want to say sorry to your girlfriend, or you want to congratulate your bes

Flowers are always beautiful as a present, especially for her! Whether you want to say sorry to your girlfriend, or you want to congratulate your best friend on their success in their career, flowers are here for you!

There are many online flower delivery portals that are willing to deliver flowers to your near and dear ones, according to your preferences. What’s better? You don’t have to spend hours searching for flowers!  However, do you want to make it even more special? Pair them up with little and beautiful things, which will compliment the flowers!

1. Flowers with her favorite Chocolate

Flowers are a pure creation put forth in our hands by nature. When you give flowers to special someone, like her, it becomes one of the best gift you can give anyone. What’s more? Pairing it up with her favorite chocolates – it is even better together, and one of the classic combos as a present to give her on her birthday. If you wish to give her a pleasant surprise, send combo gifts online and add the address to her door. This way, you can be sure of her birthday getting a bit better!

2. Add a Cake to the Surprise with flowers

Cakes are a compulsion, a necessity, if you will. It’s no wonder birthdays can never be complete without cakes! Pair up some of the best flowers, and you gave got yourself some killer combo. If you want the cake to be extra special, you can always order cake online, the ones which will appeal to her. Customizable cakes will be preferable. Or better yet, you can also make one all by yourself. It is the best thing you can do for her birthday!

3. Gift Basket with Birthday Flowers

Gift baskets are full of utility, and they look so cute too. On this special day of hers, you can always resort to ordering a proper gift basket, filled with things she’ll absolutely love. There are baskets related to chocolates, care products, cosmetics, cute stuff like teddy bears and what not! Pair it up with some favorite blooms of her and you’ve got yourself a beautiful gift ready. You can always send online all combo gifts, and make sure this combo of gift basket and flowers is her favorite in every way possible.

4. Say Happy Birthday with Flowers Along With Teddy Bear

Teddy Bears are a girl’s best friend. Well, flowers come first, but here, we are doing nothing else than pairing these best friends up, to give your girl the best birthday gift ever! Girls can never resist teddy bears now, can they? Do not hesitate to gift her a fluffy, giant teddy bear, along with a hearty bouquet of her favorite beautiful flowers, and the sight of this is sure to make your girl’s heart melt for you, but more for the teddy bear, not to forget the flowers, obviously.

5. Happy Birthday Flowers with Sweets

Flowers are the best and have been paired mostly with sweets, especially in India. Sweets forms a good gift idea when it comes to festivities and celebrations anywhere in the world. There are a lot of occasions where you actually see this combination working it’s magic to charm the people, especially and including birthdays. You can send along any sweet of her choice with the bouquet of favorite floral and extend your love and affection to your dear ones. On a side note, even chocolates can come under the category of sweets. Now you know what to do, if she doesn’t really like anything on sweets but chocolates, then so be it. Gift flowers and chocolates and see her light up with happiness!

What would be her reaction if someone near to her gifts her card, cake, teddy and flowers on her birthday? You’ll have to assemble one of the above given combos to find out about it. Rest assured, it is quite obvious that she’ll be happy to see your efforts for gifting her with such a thoughtful present! Make sure that you get everything in the best quality – wander to different places if you have to. Her smile is worth it!