Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Cannabis

Shakespeare was a pothead and pigs really can fly! These are just two of the strange facts to emerge about the mysteries of cannabis. Another and mo

Shakespeare was a pothead and pigs really can fly!

These are just two of the strange facts to emerge about the mysteries of cannabis.

Another and most probably little-known fact is that after his death, Tupac Shakur’s ashes were mixed with weed and smoked by his buddies.

Then, of course, there’s the story that a bag of weed was the first-ever recorded e-commerce transaction to take place, and that suicides are stopped “dead” in their tracks by people who use cannabis.

#1. Shakespeare was a Pothead

Researchers have uncovered information that suggests William Shakespeare (1564-1616) smoked weed.

A team of scientists from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, conducted forensic tests on tobacco pipes that were unearthed from Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon home. They tested 24 fragments of the 400-year-old pipes and discovered that eight of them held traces of marijuana. Four of the fragments had been dug up from Shakespeare’s garden.

This discovery adds credence to the belief that the great man may have indulged in a little pot to get his creative juices flowing when penning his 154 sonnets and 38 plays.

#2. …and pigs really can fly!

Pigs have been enjoying cannabis for an untold number of years in the Kingdom of Bhutan in South Asia.

Marijuana is known for its appetite-stimulating qualities, and it would seem that Bhutanese pigs have been munching away on this weed which grows wildly and profusely in this little-known sovereign state.

The marijuana gives the pigs the munchies, which in turn makes them fat. And what’s more, the pigs in Bhutan are said to produce great quality bacon.

The residents of Bhutan were blissfully unaware that the weeds they were feeding their pigs were in fact marijuana. It was only in 1999 when the country legalized television that the Bhutanese learned that their pigs were having all of the fun.

The use of marijuana among the youth in the country has since risen steeply.

#3. Tupac Shakur

Following his death in 1996, band members mixed Granddaddy California Kush with Tupac’s ashes and had a smoke.

The twenty-five-year-old rapper died in Las Vegas in 1996 in a drive-by shooting.

Young Noble, a member of Tupac’s group, The Young Outlawz, said they mixed the weed with the ashes of their “big homie” according to the wishes he had expressed in the lyrics of one of his songs.

Apparently, Tupac didn’t want his ashes to gather dust standing on someone’s mantelpiece.

#4. Weed was the First-ever E-Commerce Sale

Legend has it that sometime in the early 1970’s students from the Stanford University bought a bag of weed using ARPANET, a forerunner to the internet. They successfully concluded the deal by using the university’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ARPANET accounts. A video, relating this event, has been made by Shopify, the e-commerce software company.

But things have changed drastically since those early days and pot delivery service companies have sprouted up throughout the country.

One of these is the well-known and established Pot Valet delivery service and technology company that provides premium-grade cannabis to users in California.

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Brown is currently in negotiations with several high-profile investors who are keen to get a slice of the burgeoning pot trade. Pot Valet operates seven days a week from 10am to 12 am with trained drivers and a mobile app service that directs and coordinates deliveries. All Pot Valet users must register online at: https://www.potvalet.com to qualify for the delivery service. Members must be a minimum of 21 years of age, and must also be in possession of a current State issued ID.

#5. No Relation Between Suicides and Smoking Pot

A study revealed that suicide rates dropped significantly after the legalization of medical marijuana in America.

The Denver-based study revealed:

  • A total reduction in the suicide rate of close to 5%
  • A reduction in the suicide rate of men aged between 20-29 years of 11%
  • A reduction in the suicide rate of men aged between 30-39 years of  9%

The study concluded that the drop in the number of suicides could be directly related to the fact that alcohol was being replaced with marijuana.

Further studies have supported this finding with revelations that the use of cannabis has resulted in zero death rates.

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