Integrating Email Marketing With Your Instagram Account for Wooing More Viewers

One of the most innovative ways of making use of email marketing for business marketing is by incorporating posts on the Instagram account and then on

One of the most innovative ways of making use of email marketing for business marketing is by incorporating posts on the Instagram account and then on the business emails. Email marketing used to be a form of marketing, which is mostly based on textual content. You would have to write long emails, explaining each and every detail of your business as well as the services and products that you are offering to the recipients. You would also have to try to convince your recipients to purchase your services and products. However, it would so happen that users would not be interested in opening your emails at all. Things have completely changed right now and you can use your Instagram contents for solving this issue.

Given below is a list of the different kinds of Instagram content, which can be shared in the emails for increasing sales.

Uploading the product photos, which you are interested in selling

You can upload pictures of the products that are on sale and this is definitely one preliminary step. You can also send screenshots of certain Instagram posts to your email recipients directly.

Post pictures of contest winners

Organizing fun and interesting contests on the different social media platforms helps in attracting a lot of free Instagram followers as well as brings in more engagement for a particular business. Moreover, contests help in generating knowledge and awareness about various products, which you are interested in selling. This is also going to work as an added incentive for numerous users who are interested in participating in the contests. It is a great idea to post pictures of your contest winners because that is going to prove that real people are actually interested in your brand. Moreover, your casual users will start taking the brand seriously. If you fail to get a good number of likes on your posts, you can buy real Instagram likes.

Latest deals

You have to be capable of uploading photos, which highlight the special deals or upcoming deals, related to any upcoming occasion or a special festival. Whenever you are sending emails, you have to include screenshots of these kinds of posts from your Instagram account. You also have to highlight the excitement that these posts are capable of generating among your Instagram followers. This is going to make the recipients understand that they should not miss out on these deals.

Special discounts

You cannot forget to include the links of the business profile that you have on Instagram, within your emails, which you are going to send to your recipients and make sure that you are imploring them to follow as well as like the official business account on Instagram. You should offer users, who you prefer following your account, through your email links, special discounts. This is going to be helpful in increasing the number of followers that you already have.


Instagram has completely changed the manner according to which businesses can launch their campaigns on this platform. Therefore, it is a perfect idea to use Instagram with email marketing campaigns.