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8 Approaches for a Digital Marketing Strategy

The development of a digital marketing strategy is an issue in itself. When devising the strategy, you go through the steps that you also go thro

The development of a digital marketing strategy is an issue in itself. When devising the strategy, you go through the steps that you also go through when writing a plan, from the question to the analysis, draw conclusions, formulate options, develop strategy, set objectives and Implement the strategy. This is the basis for starting a strategy. If you want to know more digital marketing strategies you can refer to this Li Creative Technologies

Maintaining a digital marketing strategy is an iterative process, summarized below in a “360-degree digital marketing strategy model“. It is a constant question of how customers change, how media consumption behavior changes, which media change in terms of properties, what changes in the effect of using a medium, is the content good. I can continue like this for a while.

The basis for digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is often developed to get and keep products and services on the market. In the end, it is often across the digital marketing strategy. Also called omnichannel, multi-channel or integrated strategy. The success factors for an effective (cross) digital marketing strategy are (in outline):

Empathic target group and customer knowledge

  • do you know who your target group is and who your customers are
  • you have insight into how they purchase your product or service
  • do you generally have a view of the process with customers and target groups?

specific media knowledge

  • you are aware of the specific knowledge of the media, the possibilities, and the developments

strengthening the channels

  • you see how target groups and customers connect media and what role you can play in that

measurability of the strategy

  • all steps in the process can be measured, monitored and adjusted (this is reflected in the 360-degree model)

the storyline, the message, and the content

  • have you communicated the right content at the right time with the right customer on the right device; this means that content itself is often seen as an issue (content without medium and media without content, however, do not exist)
  • We briefly go through the steps of the model.

Customer-oriented communication

Establish how you now communicate with customers and how this communication is effective and leads to success. You often see terms such as loyalty and commitment coming back in this phase. Define the terms, link KPIs so that you can measure them. You can, therefore, better monitor and appreciate the reaction and action of the customer. This increases the relevance for the customer and therefore the ultimate success.

Social media

A container concept. Make this clear and concrete for your digital marketing strategy. The customers are never on all social media and the media on which they are active are used in different ways.

Mobile media

Target groups and customers are active with mobile devices at a certain level and with a certain intensity. If so, you can make use of it by strengthening the connection through those channels. But also to make use of the technological possibilities that a mobile device offers.

The website

Often essential in the digital marketing strategy, the ultimate gateway to success. Customers via webshops lead via downloads. What is special is that a website is being built without taking the cross digital marketing strategy as a starting point. Within that strategy, you see the role of the website for the specific personas, target groups, and customers on various journeys. With that knowledge, you can build and set up a website. Consider the conversion optimization and the usability of a website. An important part of the strategy here is also search engine optimization (SEO).

Inbound marketing

The extent to which you are active online and people come to your website from these activities, almost as a matter of course. A powerful strategy that can certainly strengthen the digital marketing strategy. This requires a continuous analysis of the use of media and the content and nature of the content. Also, make sure that you can measure and see where the traffic on the website comes from.

 Digital advertising

Commercial advertising is possible on almost all digital means. Many websites, social media, and mobile media are open to making use of the possibility to get in contact with the visitor. This chapter also includes terms such as retargeting, remarketing, affiliate marketing, banners, display advertising, etc.

Email Marketing

When making contacts with the target group and customers, the email address is still an important link in the chain. Use the email contact well and carefully. Targeted emails, weekly emails, daily messages, newsletters. It is a small selection of the many options. Just look at larger players in the digital market to see how they successfully use email in different ways.

Customer Service

The contacts with the organization are not only with people from the service department. Everyone who has contact with a customer must have a service attitude. Someone calls, that is a moment of contact, record the moment and make sure that the customer receives a clear response that is useful to him/her.

If you constantly go through the 360-degree digital marketing strategy model, the strategy that you are implementing or have implemented will be successfully continued.

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