Beware of Scam Diamond Shop in Singapore by knowing how to match quality with price

Tapping the right resources is very important to buy the most desired engagement ring.  The traditional way of buying engagement rings begins by

Tapping the right resources is very important to buy the most desired engagement ring.  The traditional way of buying engagement rings begins by creating a budget and then visiting a reputable jewelry store with high hopes of getting the coveted piece of diamond ring within the budget. The budget-driven process does not justify the quality of diamond because in most cases consumers pay for the brand name of the jeweler. Your hard earned money does little good in buying the right quality of diamond engagement ring because you are relying too much on the guidance of the jeweler to select the ring that matches with your budget.

Make smarter choices

The advent of online shops that sell diamond engagement rings has encouraged some people to make smarter choices. The online stores have exhaustive catalogs of wedding and engagement rings and even allow comparisons between brands and styles as well as diamond quality.  It also provides the opportunity to ask for specifications and even certification for diamonds as well as seeking free expert advice and consultation from online forums. Yet, there is little assurance of getting the right quality of the diamond.

The newest way of buying engagement rings

The most important aspect of purchasing diamond engagement rings is to get the right quality which is often a baffling task by following the traditional methods of buying. The key to identifying the right quality is to scan the largest inventory of diamonds for which you can refer to the website of Fonder Diamond that has a massive database of 100,000 diamonds.  In addition, you can look at the Fonder Diamond Review to assess the quality with professional guidance and without any bias. The scope of filtering your search based on the 4 Cs – cut, carat, clarity, and color open up a new horizon in diamond exploration that goes much beyond choosing the traditional round diamond. In the process, you can identify the coveted ‘ideal’ diamond that you are looking for.

Ascertaining what is right for you

During the search process, you do learn a lot about diamond buying but still not sure which would be the best fit in terms of quality that matches your budget. Depending on how much you are ready to stretch your budget and what kind of quality you are looking for, you can use the special filter for ‘Super Ideal Cut’ diamond that represents the supreme quality with matchless lighting properties that give it the most amazing sparkle.  By looking at the score of light performance and knowing that lower score corresponds to better performance, you can make a selection based on sound reasoning.

Justification for price

Having selected the quality, you can look at the specifications especially the purity in terms of carat that displays the price too, and you would know exactly the kind of quality you are getting for the price.

By changing the quality parameters, especially the ‘cut,’ you can arrive at the optimal specifications that fit within your budget while having the satisfaction of getting the quality that your money permits.