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Why Is Cincinnati Roof Cleaning So Important?

Have you noticed more advertising about Cincinnati roof cleaning services over the past few years? And it isn’t just in Cincinnati either, all over th

Have you noticed more advertising about Cincinnati roof cleaning services over the past few years? And it isn’t just in Cincinnati either, all over the southeastern parts of this country, there are more and more companies offering roof cleaning services “to save your roof and home”. Why is this so important all the sudden?

This service has become more popular here in the United States because of Gloeocapsa Magma, an airborne alga that causes those ugly black streaks and stains on rooftops. Who wants the most expensive and valuable investment they have to have such ugliness on top of it, right? So, more and more homeowners and property owners are calling upon companies that offer roof cleaning services for two reasons:

1). It will get rid of the ugly

2). It is cheaper than a new roof

It Starts On The North Side And Marches Onward

The north side of the roof is the first to show signs of this algae, but it will march onward to the entire roof if not cleaned up and removed. While this alga is an eyesore, if it isn’t cleaned off and removed, not only will it spread over the whole roof, it also spreads to other rooftops, because as we explained earlier, it is an airborne bacterium and it feeds other bacteria. Yes, when Gloeocapsa Magma is left alone, it spreads and feeds other forms of bacteria like lichens and mildew.

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Most roof shingles are made of asphalt, an oil-based material, and limestone, with limestone being added during a period that oil prices were on the rise. It adds substance and weight while keeping the cost down. Unfortunately, limestone feeds Gloeocapsa Magma, the algae, in high humidity and warm temperatures.

When Algae Is Left Alone

So what happens when those algae are left unattended? Mildew builds up and breeds more mildew, layer by layer, until moss begins to grow, which grows lichens which have tentacles. Those tentacles will attach to the shingles and become established, growing into and under the shingles, removing the shingle grit, leaving pits and creating holes in the shingles.

If You Don’t See Algae, Is Your Roof Okay?

Absolutely not! Algae itself is not visible, giving homeowners and property owners a false sense of the roof being okay. The black stains and streaks take time to appear, and by then, the damage to your roof could already be in progress. That is why Cincinnati roof cleaning services are needed year-round and the best time for a roof cleaning is during the warmer months. It is during these months that algae will cover thirty to forty percent of your roof’s north side but hasn’t had time to spread much further. Some homeowners and property owners will try to save money and just have the visible dark spots and stains cleaned, but because Algae is invisible, it probably has already spread to other areas, affecting the entire roof. A thorough professional cleaning is the best preventative measure you can take in fighting algae and other bacteria.

The Two Methods To Cleaning Roofs

There are two methods used for Cincinnati roof cleaning and you should be familiar with both and the process used:

Pressure Washing: This method uses a high pressurized water spraying that will remove any algae, dirt, grime, and mold. This is an effective and popular method but can damage your shingles.

Chemical Cleaning: Also referred to as a soft wash, which uses chemicals along with soft pressure of water to remove the algae, dirt, grime, and mold. This method will have runoff which can damage your landscape, siding, and windows. However, this method can be done with chemicals that are just as effective but environmentally safe so they won’t harm your landscape, siding, and windows.

DIY or Call A Professional?

Yes, you can clean your home or property roof yourself, and there are chemicals and tools on the market just for DIY roof cleaning. If you have a single-story structure, it won’t be that difficult. But if you have a multi-story structure, or large, detailed, expanded roofline, it can be difficult to do an adequate, thorough job.

But making the decision to clean your own roof, call 2 or 3 Cincinnati roof cleaning companies and get an estimate.  The work should come with a guarantee and verify they are bonded and insured so that if there are any accidents or problems, you and your property are protected.

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