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Selection Suggestions and Daily Maintenance of Bathroom Vanity Mirrors on Washstand

Bathroom mirrors must be familiar to everyone. The installation of bathroom mirrors in the bathroom is convenient for daily use. Many people find a pr

Bathroom mirrors must be familiar to everyone. The installation of bathroom mirrors in the bathroom is convenient for daily use. Many people find a problem. After each bath, a foggy piece will appear on the bathroom mirror. This makes many consumers feel uncomfortable. It took a lot of time to decorate. The bath makes the mirror inconvenient to use. With the development of technology, many high-quality household products can make our life convenient. What kind of bathroom mirror should we choose? This puzzles many consumers.

We install a  bathroom vanity mirror above the sink. This is for people to use in daily washing and makeup. Due to the natural reasons in the bathroom, a layer of mist will form on the mirror surface. This is after each bath. With the development of technology, bathroom vanity mirrors have undergone great changes. There are many “three-proofs” bathroom vanity mirrors with anti-fog, anti-rust and waterproof. Such mirrors are not cheap. For consumers with limited budgets, there are those who buy mirror masks from the market. This is a translucent polyester film. It contains heat-conducting and heating materials. The fog is dispersed by the electric effect. This kind of electric heating film without original equipment has a good effect. It is easy to have potential safety hazards such as electric shock. How do you choose the bathroom vanity mirror on the sink? The following is a summary of some purchasing methods.

  1. Material

The appearance of “silver mirror” and “aluminum mirror” is similar. Some operators took the opportunity to use “aluminum” as “silver”. The price is not true. Because of the difficulty of identification or negligence of selection, it may cause losses to consumers. The “silver mirror” uses silver as an electroplating component. The “aluminum mirror” uses metallic aluminum. The difference in material selection and producing process makes the two kinds have differences. The price of “silver mirror” is higher than that of “aluminum mirror”. The refractive performance of “silver mirror” is better than “aluminum mirror”. Under the same light intensity, the “silver mirror” will appear brighter.

  1. Style

From the appearance point of view, we can divide bath mirrors into three types. A: The large bath mirror is attached to the broad wall of the bathroom. Large bath mirrors, which can reflect half of the body, are the most widely used. B: Mirror (makeup mirror): We can place it on the toilet table. We can fix it on the wall surface through the telescopic bracket. This kind of bath mirror is small. It is used for detailed makeup. C: Embedded bath mirror. It invites carpenters to make embedded small wall cabinets when decorating houses, and the cut mirror surface has adhered to the cabinet door. It saves space and is convenient to use. It can be used as a wall bath mirror behind closed doors. Open the cabinet door to place small items such as daily medicines, bath products, cosmetics, etc.

  1. Functions

The water vapor brought out when bathing in the bathroom covers the mirror with a layer of mist, making the mirror ineffective. High-quality bathroom mirrors have anti-fog and waterproof functions. They have strong light refraction.

Through the appearance and use effect, to watch the bathroom vanity mirror is good or bad. We can study the quality of products through some details. No matter which way, as long as people grasp the traits of high-quality makeup mirrors and check them out, they can buy suitable bathroom vanity mirrors.

Bathroom mirrors are used as part of bathroom cabinets. Many bathroom cabinet producers do not produce bathroom mirrors themselves, but purchase them from other producers. On the cost performance of bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors account for a large part. Consumers must identify the advantages and downsides of bathroom mirrors when purchasing bathroom cabinets with bathroom mirrors.

After people buy bathroom vanity mirrors, they must remember to clean and maintain the makeup mirrors in their daily use. Many mirrors have certain oxidation. According to the quality of the product, the time of oxidation varies. The oxidation of the mirror surface occurs because the silver ions in the mirror surface come into contact with air. This shows that the edge part is not well sealed. In addition, due to the humid environment in the bathroom, it is easy to cause the primer on the back of the mirror surface to fall off. The reflection efficiency of the mirror is low and the mirror surface loses luster. The brightness and clarity did not meet the original standards. Cleaning and maintenance are indispensable.

First of all, the edge of the bathroom vanity mirror must be sealed during installation. Don’t cling to the wall. This will prevent the fog on the back from volatilizing. After installation, the edges can be sealed with sealant to prevent air from entering and oxidizing. In later use, the mirror surface may appear black spots or not bright enough. You can use your home detergent or soap, vinegar and other daily necessities, smear them on the mirror surface with a dry towel, and then wipe them clean with a dry cloth. The mirror thus cured is clear and bright. It is conducive to the sliding of water droplets and does not touch the water. In the process of daily use, don’t let the mirror get stained with all kinds of useless impurities. Reduce the corrosion to the mirror surface and daily cleaning.

Choose a suitable bathroom vanity mirror to facilitate daily use when washing and makeup. It can illuminate the face clearly and makeup more delicate. Through makeup mirrors, users can look at themselves clearly. Only by recognizing the true face of an individual, can an individual become better.