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Vaping- The Most Popular FAQs about It & The Most Useful Tips

Gone are the days when you couldn’t find anything about vaping. As a matter of fact, the more you look into vaping and everything related to it, the m

Gone are the days when you couldn’t find anything about vaping. As a matter of fact, the more you look into vaping and everything related to it, the more confusing and intimidating it can get, especially if you’re new to the vaping world.

Hold your horses and don’t go buying no vaping device just yet. You got to learn to walk before you start running so scroll down for some fundamental info on the whole vaping thing.

Vaping pen or cigarette- which one should you get?

One of the first things you need to decide when start vaping is which type of vape you should get. Are you simply looking to quit smoking cigarettes or you’re seeking for a recreational vape pen?

  • Cigarette style vapes

Cigarette-style eCigs provide a pleasant transition from the regular cigarettes. They actually look and even feel a lot like the traditional cigarettes. They’re smaller in size (and even subtler than the vape pens) and very easy to carry around and to use. Most of them look a lot like cigarettes and even come in packs so that the resemblance is complete. If you’re thinking about switching from smoking to vaping, they’re a great way to do it.  

The downside is that they don’t come in many strengths and flavors, as compared to vape pens. Many of the customers using cigarette-style vapes are going to transition to vape pens sooner or later.

  • Vape pens

The long, thin and stylish tubes that look a lot like some sophisticated pens that vape pens are come in a great diversity of styles, colors and features. You may find brightly colored and large vape pens or small and subtle ones- the options are so many! Just take your time and find the ones you fancy the most.

How to use a vape pen?

Using a vaping pen isn’t rocket science, but you should follow some steps especially if that’s the first time for you:

  • First thing first, you need to make sure that your vape pen is charged. If you want to use it the moment you get it, you should plug it right after you take it out of the box.
  • Fill the refillable tank if you’re using a vape pen of this kind. Don’t fill it all the way to the top though. Most vape pens do have marks showing you how much you need to fill it.
  • Put together the pieces of your vape pen. The pieces differ on the model you got. Most of the times you’re going to need to screw the battery, tank and the mouthpiece together.
  • When your device is charged, loaded and put together, the only thing left for you to do is to start vaping! Press the activation button if your device has one. Many vape devices out there are also including some safety features. You may have to press the button a couple of times until you actually turn it on. Make sure you go over the instructions that come along.
  • Some vape pens are mouth activated so you only need to put them in the mouth (on the mouthpiece) and simply start inhaling! You shouldn’t suck very hard, though as you’re not going to get a good hit. Gentle, slow and steady draw is the way to do it right. Don’t hold the hit in either- it only takes one breath to absorb everything you need from it.

What’s to know about the vape juice/e-juice?

This may be the most interesting part about using a vape pen as there are so many varieties to choose from.

You can find non-medicated E-liquid (it has no nicotine nor other substances in it as it’s vegetable glycerin and flavoring) or E-juice that may contain nicotine or THC. Take your time and look for coupons to get the chance to try all sorts of varieties savingsforsanity

You can also find prefilled eCig cartridges that are easy to use, helping you switch from smoking and vaping. They don’t come in a great range of flavors, though.

  • Nicotine E-juice

The nicotine e-juice comes in various levels of strengths and it’s better that you begin with the higher level if you’re trying to give up on nicotine, working your way down to the lowest concentration.

Here are some of the flavours that you can find out there:

      • Tobacco- with or without other flavors
      • Desserts-cupcake, apple pie, donut and so many more
      • Menthol- you can find with or without other flavors
      • Fruit- strawberry, watermelon, but also pomegranate and acai berry. The diversity is impressive on this one.
      • Breakfast- do you have a favorite breakfast?
      • Candy- there is e-juice in flavors of your favorite sweet tooth
      • Beverages- coffer or all sorts of beverage-flavored e-juices

What sorts of accessories can you use for your vape pen?

If you’re an entry level vaper, you may not need all the accessories from the first week of use. The more you vape, the more you’re going to want to get more accessories, nevertheless. Here are some of the accessories you can get for your vaping:

  • Spare batteries- it’s always a wise thing to have a spare battery on you. Not all batteries work with your vaping device so make sure you get the ones you need.
  • Vape bands- you may want to buy them and protect the glass tank in case of dropping it. You can find a nice diversity of colors which helps you customize the vape device the way you like. juts get creative!
  • Car/wall/USB chargers- you can charge the eCigs in a great diversity of ways so find the ones you’re going to need.
  • Child proof bottles- you may also buy e-juice bottles that feature secure and child-proof top that allows you an easy fill, with no worries about spilling, but keeps the kids away from getting into the vape juice.
  • Drip tips- many experienced vapers are using the drip tips for the amazing flavor that they offer.
  • Herb grinders- some like using dry herbs, so it makes sense that you also get a small and easy to carry around grinder.
  • Mesh- you’re going to need this one when you’re using dry herbs
  • Mouthpieces- it’s a great accessory to have when you’re planning to vape dry herbs.
One final thought!

Vaping is fun and gives you the chance to try so many new things. Make sure you gather all the info you need and be open to trying new flavors all the time. It’s going to worth it on the long run!