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How 100 Wild Plant Enzymes and Probiotics Are Changing Lives

We are always looking for healthy and pure options these days, as we progress, we get closer to artificial life in contrast to our predecess

We are always looking for healthy and pure options these days, as we progress, we get closer to artificial life in contrast to our predecessors who were closer to nature. Nowadays, we live a very stressful life which is full of anxiety and our bodies are full of pollutants and toxins. These toxic elements make us weak and prone to illnesses for which we again take medicines that have their other side effects. The only way out of this vicious circle is to get closer to nature and consume more natural products. One of these organic products, which is helping many in achieving a better lifestyle and is a secret to well-being and longevity is 100 wild plant enzymes and probiotics. This natural plant-based bioavailable product is obtained from wild-crafted ingredients that are slowly fermented for five years to get an amazing product that is extremely helpful for our bodies. These ingredients are free of chemicals and carriers without any colors or preservatives. They are never heated or irradiated to preserve their natural quality and efficacy. 

What are 100 Wild Plant Enzymes and Probiotics 

100 wild plant enzymes and probiotics are a combination of many wild plants grown in an unpolluted environment containing different types of enzymes and probiotics. These plants are then fermented and slowly mixed in clay pots maintaining specific temperature and humidity levels. The specialty of this process is that these enzymes and probiotics are still living when consumed. This special method has been used for thousands of years in Korea to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The end product is full of energy and gives us vitality to enjoy life. 

Wild Crafted Ingredients

100 wild plant enzymes and probiotics include wild rocambole, wild spinach, wild rose, wild chrysanthemum, wild berries, wild parsley, wild apricot, wild grapes, bread bellflower, thistle, worm wood, arrow root, red pine needles, peppermint, citron, sheppard’s purse, fig, allium, lettuce, acia, cherry, lotus root, burdock, pumpkin, beet sedum, adlay, brown seaweed, cabbage, red bean, reed, plum, comfrey, potato, wheat grass, mulberry leaves, rush, plantain, evening primrose, chrysanthemum, acorn, tomato, millet, dandelion, bean, Indian corn, azalea, barley, kale, buckwheat grass, beefsteak plant, mother wart, spinach, garlic, ginger, pea, eggplant, mallow, bo tree, watermelon, fern, purslane, solomon seal, black rice, orange, apple, pear, cucumber, green tea, aster, aloe, bush clover, butterbur, mushroom, sweet potato, jujube, persimmon, narcissus, tangle, leopard plant, fruit, fatsia shoots, plum, sea lettuce, day lily, cactus, cat tail, peach, lotus, sour sorrel, rape, sunflower, stonecrop, siberian chrysanthemum, pheasant’s eye, and brown sugar. These wild plants are grown in high mountains of Korea and have a much higher impact than conventional plants due to differences in weather, soil, water, air, and other ecological factors. They are harvested in their original wild state and are free of harmful fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, or herbicides. 

Benefits of 100 Wild Plant Enzymes & Probiotics

There are many benefits of consuming these wild enzymes and probiotics. Enzymes and probiotics are the key to food digestion and the immune system but they are only beneficial when consumed alive. Our bodies require different strains actually in thousands, which makes this natural product a very special one for our health and well-being. Optimal digestion is achieved by using these enzymes and probiotics. It is a powerful blend of probiotics and enzymes grown and harvested in ideal conditions with a vast variety of wild plants. After harvesting stems, barks, leaves, and flowers undergo a process of fermentation for more than five years resulting in the amazing probiotic/enzyme organic product to be consumed and cherished. 


100 wild plant enzymes and probiotics have proven to be an excellent organic product to boost our health and keep us active. It is always recommended to make sure that the product you consume is from wild plants grown in Korea and goes through a five-year fermentation process naturally that results in a rich supplement full of nutrition that balances our health. Moreover, it is also needed to check that this natural fermentation is free of chemicals and no water is added to maintain the integrity and healing properties of these wild-grown plants. There are many products in the market that offer enzymes and probiotics but are in a dead state, which is useless. Always go for live enzymes and probiotics from wild plants of Korea completing a five-year fermentation process.