Growing Tech Scene in Canada

There is no doubt about the fact that technologically Canada is growing at a rapid pace. And owing to this particular fact it is also called as “Silic

There is no doubt about the fact that technologically Canada is growing at a rapid pace. And owing to this particular fact it is also called as “Silicon Valley of the North.”

Canada as a technically growing nation comprises of every element which is necessary for such growth whether it be innovation, creativity or anything else. And specifically, owing to this, it even has got commercial acclaim for its AI comprehensiveness. Thus, it won’t be wrong in saying that Canada’s tech scene is rapidly augmenting for the good.

Global Destination for Technology

Canada is now emerging as a global destination for technology owing to which there has been a great rise for jobs in Canada.

There are loads of job opportunities in Canada for anyone who is having the right skills and talent. For us, as a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs and even job seekers it is now time to recognize shift of diversity happening in this place. One can literally see self-driving vehicles and even the use of advanced medical equipment.

Tech Jobs in Canada

Continuing the above point, let’s focus our perspective on a few facts – the city of Toronto had around 28,900 tech jobs in the year of 2017 which was a direct 14% rise than the previous year of 2016. Moreover, the number of tech jobs in Toronto were more than the number of jobs in San Francisco Bay, Seattle and Washington D.C. combined. This says something. Even there have been a good number of jobs in Canada for Indians.

Focused on Developing Talent

Talent needs to be developed and that is what Canada is really focused on achieving. For instance, the University of Toronto and similar other well-known institutions have been known for upbringing exceptional talent. And their track record somewhat proves it owing to the fact that it has got some really big names like Geoffrey Hinton, Alan Cannistraro attached with it.

Exceptional Life Quality

As we have known till now, that there are amazing work opportunities in Canada for good career prospects – however, we also need to know that it is the work aspect which entices the people to this place but it is the quality of life which this country has to offer which keeps them stick to it.

In terms of living costs, public transportation, business environment and even safety Canada is a brilliant country to live in. In the year 2017, it was ranked as the 4th safest country in the world.

Talking about the infrastructure, particularly Toronto has 177 theaters, 41 museums and a great number of art galleries along with a few brilliantly amazing concert halls as well. It has been seen that the average cost of buying a home in Vancouver is around $326,000.

The point here is that these are the kinds of things which makes a city or even a country liveable and Canada and it’s cities are perfectly providing that to anyone who goes there for the sake of making their future bright. However, for the people who are living outside Canada, they would be requiring an H1B visa.

Local Companies. Investment. Opportunities.

There are many good companies in Canada which are boosting the overall tech scene

augmenting the work opportunities for everyone. D2L, FreshBooks, Wealthsimple are some of the rising names in amid the corporate chaos.

These are the kind of companies and others like them who are responsibly creating opportunities for young people and are no doubt enriching the local community.

And other than that, there are many big shot players such as Salesforce which announced to invest $2 billion in its Canadian operations. Another giant, Amazon is considering the city of Toronto for being its second primary headquarters. Other known conglomerates like AirBnB, Facebook, Google, and IBM have had satellite offices in the city of Toronto already.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the kind of opportunities which Canada has to offer are quite great and it would be best to grab them before it’s too late.