Steps To Take For Better Bone Health

Our bones form the essential supporting structure of our bodies, and they protect our vital organs like the heart and lungs, store abundant minerals,

Our bones form the essential supporting structure of our bodies, and they protect our vital organs like the heart and lungs, store abundant minerals, and produce both red and white cells. But did you know that a certain percentage of our bones are dissolved and rebuilt each year in a process called bone turnover and that there is much less turnover the older we get?

That’s the reason why most women become frightened by the time they hit the menopausal stage as bones may start losing minerals that give strength to the body and may grow fragile and slower to heal when they get broken. What’s more frightening is the fact that women, especially those who are menopausal, are at risk of developing the silent disease called osteoporosis and broken bones. The good news is, we can take bold steps (see below) to care for our bones and lessen our chances of getting osteoporosis.

Let’s Get Physical

Exercise is one of the keys to unlock better bone health. Many workouts are considered essential in stimulating bone and muscle formation, curtailing age-related bone loss, and making us feel good about ourselves in the process. Walking, climbing stairs, jogging, running, aerobics, and even dancing are physical activities that our bodies must enjoy daily.

Engaging in these so-called weight-bearing exercises, where we push ourselves against gravity, can make our bones and muscles healthier and stronger. If we’re aiming to keep ourselves healthy in old age, we must, therefore, stay active by making these physical activities our daily ritual.

Sleep Is For The Strong

Sleep deprivation is a big no-no to young people as much as to older people as it does not only causes daytime sleepiness, fatigue, weight loss or weight gain but it also increases the risk of bone loss or fracture. It is not true that just younger people are required to get more sleep every day.

Menopausal women, for example, need at least six (6) hours and at most eight (8) hours of night sleep every day. That way, they would wake up feeling refreshed and energized to go and about, back to their daily grind, and be more than just productive in their personal and professional lives.

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy

The best recipe for bone health, as they say, is merely getting enough calcium and vitamin D apart from eating a well-balanced diet. Calcium is vital for us to develop and maintain healthy bones in this lifetime. We may get calcium from dairy products, calcium-fortified cereals, and dark green vegetables, among others. Vitamin D, meanwhile, helps the body absorb the calcium that we get from our food. If we spend a little time outside, we can get vitamin D from sunlight, or we can get it from other nutritious food like egg yolks, salmon, mackerel, milk, and cheese.

No To Smoke, Soda, And Alcohol

If you’re bent on keeping your bones healthy and active, you better learn to say no to smoking and veer away from drinking too much alcohol and soda. These unhealthy practices are equivalent to higher chances of bone loss and fractures. Studies would show that the extra phosphorous found in soda hampers the absorption of calcium by the body. Nicotine, meanwhile, is deemed toxic to the bones while excess alcohol causes bone loss at a certain percentage. Once you learn to drink sensibly and quit smoking for good, better bone health is on the way.

Doctor, Help

It is wiser, as always, to seek professional and medical help as doctors may prescribe drugs that can be helpful in maintaining and building bones. However, some medications may have side effects such as dizziness and loss of balance, which may put your body in danger. That is why it is advised to talk first to a doctor who may very well explain the pros and cons when taking drugs for the prevention and treatment of bone loss.


Bone loss is not only severe but also costly. It is also dreadful in a way that it can result in diseases other than bone loss. There will never be a cure for bone loss but, at least, there are definite ways to slow it down.  There are some drugs prescribed to women, especially menopausal ones, who are at high risk of bone loss or fractures. It is best to check out estrace coupon so you can save up a more significant share of your hard-earned money in the battle against osteoporosis.